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March 24, 2016


The Panhellenic community heard presentations from each of the three prospective organizations–Photo by Brian Blakely

The Panhellenic community heard presentations from each of the three prospective organizations–Photo by Brian Blakely

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Louisiana Tech’s Panhellenic community has been seeing significant growth among their student membership in recent years and announced March 22 that Louisiana Tech is planning on welcoming not one, but two new organizations by 2020.

After hearing presentations by Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Zeta Tau Alpha, the Panhellenic community invited Tri Delta to colonize, or start a chapter, at Tech this fall. Though the selection process was originally intended to add one organization to Tech’s campus, the Panhellenic Council also extended an invitation to Kappa Kappa Gamma to colonize between 2019 and 2020.

Megan Franks, Panhellenic President, said the decision was made after deliberation and a vote by members of a selection board.

“The committee decided on Tri Delta because we believe they will not only succeed on our campus but help further our four established sororities and our university,” Franks, a junior finance major, said.



As for the decision to invite a second group to Tech’s campus, Frank said the council made the decision based on the future outlook of growth at Tech.

“We are doing something called stacking, which means that the Tech Panhellenic Council chose a second group, Kappa Kappa Gamma, that would be invited to colonize should that be warranted within four years after this fall’s colonization,” she said.

Ashley Allen, Panhellenic adviser, said she works with the Panhellenic Council, the governing body of the four sororities on Tech’s campus. She said the Panhellenic community experienced significant growth over the past 5-6 years, leading them to explore the extension process. She said some chapters were reaching 200 members, and the size detracted from the sorority experience they wanted to provide.

“With the goals for university enrollment set to reach 15,000 by 2020, the Panhellenic community needed to add at least another chapter in order to begin decreasing our chapter size to maintain a quality sorority experience for our members,” Allen said.

Karen Hughes White, the Executive Director of Tri Delta, led the Tri Delta’s presentation. She said Tri Delta was there to support their cause to try to promote the Greek community on Tech’s campus.

“Our focus on partnership and collaboration as part of a Greek community is something I feel would help elevate an already outstanding leadership and service-oriented community to even greater heights,” White said.

Franks echoed White’s sentiments that the new group will benefit Tech and the Greek community as a whole, in addition to Tri Delta.

“My hope for this extension is that it will unite our Greek community as we are all working toward one goal — to successfully establish Tri Delta Sorority at Louisiana Tech.”


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