Taylor Swift releases highly anticipated album

November 6, 2014


Taylor Swift dances in front of a line of girls twerking in the music video for her new album’s lead single, “Shake It Off.”

Taylor Swift dances in front of a line of girls twerking in the music video for her new album’s lead single, “Shake It Off.”


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Taylor Swift officially made the switch from a country artist to a pop artist with the release of her fifth album “1989.”


It was released on Oct 27 and critics are calling this her best album to date.


The album is currently number one in on the iTunes Top 10 and is expected to stay there.


Taylor Swift said this is her most sonically cohesive collection.


Swift included secret messages for her fans in the album booklet. The messages read more like a story, which helps the flow of the album.


The first track on the album, “Welcome to New York,” talks about her moving to New York and is where the story begins.


Swift herself has recently moved to New York from Nashville.


New York City is known as a big place full of people from all different walks of life. A big change from the life she has undoubtedly lived in Tennessee.

1989  Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


Swift once said that she would never move to New York, but she now has a house in the city.


The song is about those first moments when you move and everything is new and exciting and this is especially true because there is always something going on in New York City.


“Out of the Woods” is about a couple who loved each other recklessly.


Like her hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” from her last album “Red,” this song is believed to be about Harry Styles from One Direction and the short relationship the two had in 2012.


She talks about how their relationship was built to fall apart because no one thought they should be together.


Swift was constantly asking herself if they were out of the woods meaning were they officially a couple or not.


The best coded message Swift wrote was about the last song on the album, “Clean.”


She talks about the time right after a breakup, when she does not know what to do because the guy she was in love with meant everything to her.


One day she wakes up and realizes that she should not be living for a relationship that ended, but living for herself.


She said it is about how she lost the guy but she found herself and somehow that was everything.


“1989” has a  perfectly blended mixture of upbeat and slow songs.


When listening to this album, I really did not think of people that Taylor Swift had been with who could have been the subject of the songs.


I think because the songs sound so good it does not really matter who they are about.


Honestly, there was a time when I did not like Taylor Swift’s music.


All of her songs sounded the same and were about her failed relationships, but this album has changed my opinion about her.


The songs on this album seem to be more focused on her future rather than her past.


I think that Taylor Swift has grown as a songwriter and this album is proof. Taylor Swift is receiving rave reviews for “1989.”


Taylor Swift wrote a letter on her website and it is a great illustration on how she has not only grown as an artist, but as a person as well because her songs are more mature than they have been in the past.


She is no longer limiting herself to writing solely about heartbreak but other aspects of her life as well.


Swift signed the letter with, “from the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love…”


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