Talkin’ ‘bout my generation

September 19, 2014



John Sadler, Editor-in-Chief


I was clicking around on the Internet the other day when I stumbled across an article on Quark.com titled “How to hire millenials– and weed out the bad ones.”

Guess how you hire Millenials? The same as everyone else.

This article was not meant to be derogatory to Millenials, I mean, it was even complimentary at times, but it made me wonder: do older generations really consider us that different from them?

Most people my age have heard it, that Millenials are inherently lazy and entitled. That they do not believe in hard work.

I resent generational stereotyping in any form, honestly. I think it is strange and dishonest to say all people born in this time period are the same.

I mean, sure, we have certain characteristics that define us.

We did grow up in a time that saw the one of the highest divorce rates.

We also entered the job market during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history.

We grew up in a world with terrible environmental regulations and a faltering climate.

We are also told we cannot get a job without a college degree which puts us tens of thousands of dollars in debt, only to be told we are “entitled” when we assume our degree will get us a job.

Is it realistic to assume an education guarantees us a job? Well, no. But teaching children a college degree will get them a job and then being annoyed when they assume it to be true is a little strange, right?

I do not have a problem with Baby Boomers, which is what most people say when they defend Millenials; “Oh, those Baby Boomers wrecked the climate and destroyed the economy.”

Whatever. We cannot blame a generation for the mistakes of the wealthiest portion of them.

But, if we were to, would it not sound worse if a generation had destroyed key parts of the world, instead of such ghastly crimes as (gasp) expecting a job?

John Sadler is a junior journalism major from Extension who serves as Editor-In-Chief for The Tech Talk. Email comments to jts040@latech.edu.


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