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January 24, 2014




Will Trahan
Staff Reporter


The strength and conditioning coach from the Louisiana Tech baseball team gave a lecture on his field of expertise.


Dr. David Szymanski spoke Jan. 11 at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) 2014 Coaches Conference in Indianapolis, Ind.


The presentation was titled “Essential Components to a Baseball Resistance Training Program.”


Szymanski, a former college baseball player, is an associate professor of kinesiology at Louisiana Tech.


Szymanski talked about what he thinks the necessary components of resistance training for baseball players are.


“Once I did that, I showed them exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and the surrounding muscles,” Szymanski said. “I also showed them stretches to improve on internal rotation or torque on the inside of the cuff.”


Szymanski discussed the strain that the sport of baseball puts on the rotator cuff and scapula and of the injuries associated with it.


Szymanski noted that athletes have greater external rotation or pressure on the outside of the shoulder than the average person and less internal rotation. Those are the muscles inside the rotator cuff that effect that an athlete’s throwing motion through the years can have.


“With tests that have gone on in the physical therapy world, we have been looking at the asymmetries of players between their dominant and non-dominant side,” Szymanski said.


That is the difference in strength from their dominant arm and their non-dominant arm.


Szymanski also described the adjustments to make for those athletes who can not perform certain exercises in the weight room.


“After that, I talked about the tier system used by Joe Kenn,” Szymanski added.


Kenn is the strength and conditioning coach for the Carolina Panthers and is also a member of the NSCA.


Szymanski discussed how he has modified the Kenn system to fit baseball players instead of football players.


He said he changed the bench press and the power clean routines to make them less stressful on the shoulders and muscles around it.


“I explained how to arrange the exercises of the system in order to get the most out of the workout,” Szymanski said.


Szymanski said he explained to the coaches and trainers how to break up the seasons into three — the offseason, preseason and in-season.


He said he explained the difference in the novice workouts for the torso and the workouts that experts know to be more effective.


Szymanski said the exercises that are the most effective are those with a medicine ball that involve explosion.


“There were about 90 slides and I had about 50 minutes to go through and had certain points of emphasis that I elaborated on and other points I did not,” Szymanski said.


Szymanski said he teaches what he knows to the students who help him with the baseball team but is open to having seminars here at Tech if enough interest is generated.


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