Swollen Lips

April 30, 2015


News Editor


This week the Internet has exploded with videos of people, guys and girls alike, placing a bottle over their lips and holding it there for thirty to sixty seconds or more.





Once the bottle is released, the person’s lips appear massive and have doubled in size.


This is known as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, as she is known for having luscious lips (due to make up and not a shot glass challenge).


Many “lip fail” videos can be found on the Internet as people video themselves and their friends going through this experience.


I thought these videos are pretty funny, wondering why anyone would want to do this to himself or herself. It looks like these people got shot up with way too much Botox or got punched in the face, resulting in extremely swollen lips.


Most of them just wanted to try it and see what would happen, or perhaps see if it really even worked.


While big, luscious lips are something which has become increasingly popular, this new fad is not as funny as one would think.


And most people have done this after seeing other people on the Internet do this, laughing and then crying. It is honestly one the weirdest things I have ever seen.


Some people’s lips remain like this for a very long time, not just an hour or so.


Dr. Dendy Engelman, director of dermatologic surgery at New York, has told many media outlets this fad is more dangerous than it would seem. By putting this shot glass or bottle on their lips and sucking, the person causes their blood vessels to fill up with blood, known as vessel engorgement, and this results in the swollen lips.


There are not just funny videos of people laughing at their new appearance, but there are also some pretty disturbing ones of people crying and images of burst lips. Most of the people doing this are young teenagers who see these videos and figure everyone else is doing this, so this must be the new thing to do. They most likely think it will be funny when they do not realize the results.


Fads are a common thing our society likes to try and document, such as the ice bucket challenge, which did go to a good cause.


The Kylie Jenner Lip challenge on the other hand is one of the lesser thought out ideas people are trying out.


This really is not a huge deal and hopefully it will pass pretty soon before every teenager is walking around school resembling a puffer fish.


So unless you really want to cause yourself avoidable pain, or just get stuck looking like you busted you lip for a little bit, let’s stop shedding light on this and put this ridiculous fad in the past, where it should stay.


Ellie Moslander is a junior journalism major from Albuquerque, New Mexico who serves as News and associate multimedia editor for the Tech Talk. Email comments to emo012@latech.edu.


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