SWE hosts Run Like a Girl 5K

May 3, 2018



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Runners of the Run Like a Girl 5K ran a circuit around campus starting and ending at Tolliver Hall. – Photo by Jenna Carrier


Louisiana Tech students and other runners got to experience an energetic fundraising event during the Run Like a Girl 5K, hosted by Tech’s Society of Women Engineers on Tech’s campus April 21. This event was a fundraiser for Camp Quality Louisiana, a local summer camp for children with cancer and their families.


Kelly Kneale, president of SWE, said the organization’s mission is to share the fields of STEM with the community.


“We in the Society of Women Engineers strive to advance all of those in STEM related fields,” she said. “From the youngest of minds to women braving the fields of math and science, all should be able to enter this amazing and fascinating field. On campus, we focus on professional development, mentorship, outreach for K-12 and community service.”


Kneale, a senior biomedical engineering major, said SWE decided to use its 5K event to raise funds for Camp Quality Louisiana because it is an organization they fully support.


“After searching for local charities, most officers agreed on making our proceeds go towards Camp Quality,” she said. “Camp Quality serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences and companionship at no cost. Camp Quality promotes hope and inspiration while helping children foster life skills and develop their full potential.”


Kneale said runners from the 5K gained a lot more from the event than just a fun workout on Tech’s campus.


“I hope participants gain awareness of the local charity (Camp Quality) as well as the national organization Society of Women Engineers,” she said. “I hope our presence in the community increases from this experience. I also hope the participants realize how much their participation is going to impact a child’s life.”


Julie Gaudin, SWE vice president, said the Run Like a Girl 5K was a success in its first year, and reached all of the organization’s’ expectations.


“I think it went extremely well,” she said. “We have been planning for a few months and had about 80 runners signed up and about 90 ended up running. We are all really proud that we were able to fundraise over $2,000 for this amazing camp for kids with cancer and their families.”


Roger Willingham, a freshman mechanical engineering major, was a participant in the race. He said he enjoyed the run and how it was easily accessible to him on campus.


“I enjoy going to runs like these, but there aren’t many that take place on our campus so some are too far for me to go to,” Willingham said. “I liked that I was able to do a warm-up from my apartment to the starting line. I was also worried about the rain coming in, but it’s been a beautiful morning so far.”


Willingham said he had not heard of SWE or Camp Quality Louisiana prior to the event.


“I like the group that the money is going to and the work it does,” he said. “I didn’t know SWE was an organization on our campus, and I think it’s really cool that part of what they do is educate kids about STEM programs and raise money for things like Camp Quality.”


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