Surviving fall quarter

October 5, 2017



Morgan Bernard

News Editor | mrb056@latech.edu


As another summer ends, a new academic year begins. There is truly no feeling like the desperation of trying to find a parking spot before your eight a.m. class. Some of you may have already dared to get a parking ticket just to make it in time for classes. Yes, the struggle is real in college, but as much as we dramatically complain about things that are wrong with our campus we can’t help but feel a little happy to be back at Louisiana Tech, right?


With the sadness of classes starting back up again, there is also excitement that we students tend to overlook at first. I am here to remind us all of the simple pleasures of attending yet another year of college. Of course summer was great and I am sad to see it go, but I missed that routine schedule that makes me feel somewhat like a responsible adult.


Waking up for that eight a.m. class may be an internal battle with yourself every morning but just think of that warm cup of coffee waiting to be made in your Keurig. It is practically calling your name! Coffee is just what you need to help those morning classes go by a little less painfully, and it fuels you for the hours of studying you already know are coming. Caffeine is almost every college student’s best friend and their main energy source; what is there not to love about it?


Another plus to returning to Tech is finally getting to catch up with your college pals face-to-face. Everyone is finally back together and wanting to tell all about their summer antics. One friend had a blast being a camp counselor, another worked away at an internship and maybe someone just stayed in bed all summer binge-watching television shows. Catching up with everyone and hearing their interesting —or not so interesting—summer stories is something I always end up doing with my friends.


The beginning of the academic year also gets the organizations on campus starting off with a bang. Our university emails practically flood with messages from groups asking to join in on their fun, and their messages always make you feel special and wanted. Plus, there is something for everyone on campus to enjoy, and you can make tons of new friends by bonding about what you love. Hearing about all of the groups Tech has to offer is a great way to become involved on campus at the beginning of the year.


With fall quarter also comes football season, of course. Lots of fans enjoy showing up for tailgating and cheering on the Bulldogs at Joe Aillet Stadium. Even if sports are not your thing, being a part of the crowd’s energy and hanging out with friends at the game still guarantees a fun time.


Even the campus has gotten multiple facelifts this summer that have made it an even more beautiful university such as new buildings, sidewalks and parking lots. With these new additions to comes more new members of the Tech family to share our university with.


Next time you find yourself complaining about that lab report you have to type in two days or an upcoming quiz, try to remember the better aspects of being a college student. There will always be harder parts of college like classes and tests, but there are definitely great times to be a college student as well.




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