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April 5, 2013


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More than 100 years of tradition is captured in Tech’s football museum in front of the Charles Wyly Athletic Center.


The museum glorifies Tech’s achievements on the football field, as well as the stars who once played here.


Former Tech quarterback Tim Rattay is proud to be immortalized in his alma mater’s football museum.


“It was a huge honor to be recognized as an All-American,” said Rattay, who received the honor in 1998. “I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teammates and coaches, though.”


Rattay said he holds multiple school records that are recognized throughout the museum.


“It was just the right time and the right opportunity, in terms of the coaching staff that was here, my teammates who were here, and we were able to accomplish some great things as a unit,” Rattay said. “It was a special time in my life, and I’m fortunate those memories are preserved forever in our museum now.”


As a senior, Rattay said he set the school record for total offense with 4,943 yards and 46 touchdowns. These achievements are recognized in the museum, said Rattay.


“Our coach who was here then was ahead of his time pertaining to passing concepts, so we threw it 40-50 times a game, which enabled us to put up big numbers,” said Rattay.


Other Tech legends are depicted in murals painted within the museum, including Terry Bradshaw, former Tech quarterback and four-time Super Bowl Champion.


“When you see those rings it really brings to life what Bradshaw was able to accomplish,” said Rattay about Bradshaw’s Super Bowl rings. “He was a special player, and it’s an honor to say I played at the same school as him.”


Skip Holtz, Tech football head coach, said he is impressed with the way the museum preserves the history of Tech football.


“It preserves our history, and I think that’s a huge part of this program,” Holtz said. “I think it’s critical to help people understand where we have been and the great accomplishments people have had here in past times.”


Holtz believes the football museum plays a positive role in recruiting for new players to attend Tech.


“When you walk through the museum it gives a visual to the great history and traditions that have been built here,” Holtz said. “I believe it’s a great footprint for young people to walk in to see people before them who have gone on to achieve great things, not only at Tech, but once they left as well.”


Kylin Thomas, current freshman wide receiver, said Tech players take pride in having a museum to preserve and recognize their accomplishments.


“My first time seeing the museum I was somewhat in awe, knowing that I am now part of a program that has had Hall of Fame players involved in it,” Thomas said.


Thomas said the museum is organized in a way that makes people drop their jaws when gazing at it.


“The first time I went, I spent at least 30 minutes there just observing everything the museum presents to you,” Thomas said. “There’s so many awards and plaques to look at. They even have one of Terry Bradshaw’s jerseys in there.”


Dave Clark, a recent Tech cornerback, said he urges students to visit the museum to realize the tradition that has stepped foot on campus.


“A lot of people don’t even know the great players that have attended this school,” Clark said. “The museum does a great job of glorifying the accomplishments that so many great athletes have had here wearing the blue and red.”


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