Summer school offers options for students

May 9, 2013


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As the academic year comes to a close, many students look forward to a summer break.


While those students plan vacations, others will sign up for classes to further their education during the summer.


For those who wish to continue education in the summer, there are alternatives to staying in Ruston.


Louisiana Tech-Barksdale is an opportunity for students who live in northwest Louisiana who wish to go home but still take classes.


Monte Parker, director of the Barksdale Program, said Louisiana Tech-Barksdale is a great way for students to go home but continue their education without having to stay in Ruston close to campus.


“The Barksdale Program is an extension of Tech, and the credits count like they would during other quarters on campus,” Parker said.


He said one of the perks of taking classes at Barksdale is it is convenient for the students who have jobs during the summer.


“Students will find the program is personalized to fit their schedules,” he said. “Classes at Louisiana Tech-Barksdale take place in the evening no earlier than 4 p.m.”


To gain access to the base for classes, students will have to get a pass at the VFW Post located near the Barksdale’s north gate.


Katelin Breaux, a junior agriculture education major, said she plans to take summer classes at Barksdale because of the convenience and to be closer to her boyfriend, who is stationed at Barksdale.


“Classes are smaller and there’s more one-on-one time with teachers,” she said. “I’ll also get to see my boyfriend.”


Parker said the Barksdale Program has helped many military members earn their degrees.


Stephanie Woodard, a former active duty member of the Air Force, said she obtained her degree in transportation management while stationed at Barksdale through the program.


“The Louisiana Tech program provided good resources to properly plan and ultimately obtain a degree,” Woodard said.


She said the key to handling her work and school was her organizing and prioritizing her work.


“It is possible to juggle both a full-time job and school, you just have to find ways to organize and properly manage your time wisely,” she said.


While Louisiana Tech-Barksdale may be a great opportunity for students in the Shreveport-Bossier area, there are alternatives to coming to campus for those who stay in Ruston over the summer.


Christine Strebeck, coordinator of general studies at Tech, said online courses are also a convenient way for students to get college credits.


“Convenience is the best thing about taking online courses,” Strebeck said. “Students can go to school and work, or if a student has kids, they don’t always have to leave them with a babysitter.”


However, Strebeck said one of the misconceptions of online courses is they are easier, and that is not the case.


“They are actually sometimes harder because you aren’t in a classroom with other students you can ask for help,” she said. “It does take discipline.”


Strebeck said this should not discourage students from taking online courses.


“There are many who have gotten degrees online,” she said. “We want students to know that the option is out there.”


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