Summer cinema successes and shortcomings

June 27, 2013


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The Great Gatsby

When planning a film remake or a book-to-film production, one must proceed with great caution; the

4 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

production team for “The Great Gatsby,” however, got it right on the money.

Selecting Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jay Gatsby was the golden ticket, though the rest of the cast was just as stunning.

There were rave reviews from both readers of the novel and nonreaders, alike.

“The Great Gatsby” was aesthetically pleasing and the music selection complemented the imagery to a tee. It was as if classic pieces of music were redesigned to match today’s style and the music of today was swankified to fit in with the magical façade of the roaring ’20s.

“The Great Gatsby” provided viewers with depth, beauty and wonderful stars; the only thing missing was a time machine to join the party.



This is the End

“This Is The End” showcased another look at how the world may come to an end.

5 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

The star-studded cast centered around Seth Rogan’s typical posse allowed viewers to watch their favorite stars making fun of themselves on the big screen. It is not every day that actors play themselves in a movie.

Typically, over-advertised anything turns out to be less than the ideal, but in “This Is The End,” every scene had a laugh-out-loud moment no one could anticipate.

I was curious to find out which direction the director would take when portraying the end of the world, and it was even more ridiculous than one would think, mildly offensive even.

Regardless, the film’s aim was to be outrageous, so even with its extreme lack of quality and substance, it succeeded immensely.





Star Trek Into Darkness

4 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The genesis of my “Star Trek” fan-ship began with the first remake in 2009, but upon seeing “Star Trek Into Darkness” just weeks ago, I can’t help but consider becoming a “trekker” myself.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto riveted audiences with their intense space battles and near-death experiences. I could not envision any other actors in their roles.

Truth be told, I attended the second film not because I am a super fan girl, but because the preview was captivating. It legitimately looked like one of the greatest films of the year thus far, and in my opinion, it was.

The visually stimulating special effects and general futuristic qualities could have kept even the most anti-“Star Trek” individuals engaged. “Star Trek Into Darkness” was greater than the first film, and I rarely say this, but I hope the franchise makes another.



Fast and Furious 6

When I left the theater after seeing “Fast and Furious 6,” I felt like a drag racer on the drive home.

4 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Universal Studios

Ultimately unfamiliar with the previous five movies, I saw the sixth on a whim. The allure of this film is found in its exotic vehicles and stellar cast, but viewers do not need to be franchise fans at all to understand and enjoy the plot.

It had a fast-paced momentum without a dull moment. Action and stunts flooded every scene, and there were twists and turns one would rarely anticipate.

If viewers are interested in pretty women, brawny men, big weapons, fast cars or intense action of any kind, “Fast and Furious 6” will hit the spot.







The Hangover Part 3

When “The Hangover” was released, its gut-wrenching humor touched millions; then the sequel fell short of

3 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

expectations with its nearly identical plot; and this summer a third film premiered, which brought me to the conclusion that the idea for sequels to “The Hangover” should have stayed in Las Vegas with the first film.

“The Hangover Part 3” was extremely entertaining, but it is one of those movies that does not really warrant a second viewing. I appreciated the use of the original cast and I am certain it was a large contributor to the film’s fleeting success.

Too much of a good thing is not very good at all, and although Zach Galifinakis was as ridiculous as always and obviously stole the show, the third film was worlds apart in quality from its original counterpart.





Now You See Me

One of the most highly anticipated films of the summer premiered on May 31 with a bang.

4 of 5 stars – Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

“Now You See Me” had a hypnotizing story line and a fabulous fast-paced, who-done-it mystery throughout.

The cast was phenomenal; the ending was mind-blowing; and the closer viewers looked, the further they found themselves from solving the magicians’ hoax.

Essentially, the director offered many “what if” scenarios to follow during the film, and it wasn’t until the last ten minutes, that almost everyone realized they were sniffing down the wrong trail.

“Now You See Me,” a magical comedy/thriller, is unlike any other movie I have seen. I think it is the best magician-focused film since “The Prestige” was released in 2006.

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  1. Zach Reply

    July 6, 2013 at 12:10 am

    You don’t have a knack for reviewing movies. You miss a lot when you describe these movies and it leaves a lot to be desired. You give good movies good reviews for all the wrong reasons. You need to take a step back and read some other reviews before you continue on as a movie reviewer.

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