Students turn out for Spring Release

April 21, 2016


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On Thursday, April 14 the College of Engineering and Sciences held its seventh annual Spring Release last Thursday at the Pavilion. This was a part of the annual celebration week, and more than 500 students, along with their families and friends, were in attendance.



“Even though we’re different majors and disciplines, we’re united by this sort of recognition that we’re still in the same college,” said Caroline Fontenot, member of the ESA freshman council co-op.



Fontenot said the whole idea of this event is to bring the two disciplines together by reminding the different majors of their common cause.



“We definitely share the same goals of improving the world, making life easier and technology better for everyone,“ Fontenot said. “It’s very cool to see all of these brilliant people who are going to change the world joined together.”



Students ate crawfish and jambalaya while local musician Jarrett Bailey sang and played guitar. Bailey said it feels only natural he should lend his talents to the college when he can.



“This event in particular has a lot of meaning to me, so it’s just fun to be here with everybody and be a part of it,” said Bailey.



Bailey is an alumnus from Louisiana Tech who graduated in 2004 with a degree in marketing. He returned nine years later to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. He said he understands why students in the COES need a special event.



“This curriculum is so tough, even for the most focused people, and it puts a huge strain on your overall mental state,” Bailey said. “I think ‘release’ is a good name for it because it’s a time where we can get together, no books or notes, just hanging out and listening to a little good music.”



Students of all classifications received honors throughout the evening. First, second and third place cash prizes were awarded to organizations within the college for the year long, point-based College of Engineering and Sciences Cup. The National Society of Black Engineers won the first place prize of $1,000.



Aziz Avery, a senior mechanical engineering major and president of the Louisiana Tech chapter of NSBE, said he was not surprised that his organization won the top prize.



“We’ve been working hard all year. ESA made us work harder and excel by fine tuning their points system this year,” Avery said. “We were always checking for points and watching for opportunities to do what we could do on campus.”



Avery said the COES Cup stirred up extra activity among the organizations this year. He said the Spring Release was a good conclusion to the competition.



“I think a result of the first COES cup was just a lot of us organizations getting more active,” Avery said. “It really ended up being a great, fun competition that joined everyone together because they are all here now.”


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