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May 9, 2013


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Every summer Tech offers classes, but do students really know how helpful these classes can actually be for graduating?


Dr. Les Guice, vice president of research and development and president slect, said students should be informed on what taking summer classes can do for getting closer to graduation and also how it can influence going into future quarters at Tech.


Carlton Holland, a graduate accounting major, said he feels summer classes offer more hours at a more convenient pace.


“Summer school helps you roll through college faster,” Holland said.  “It is also easy to focus on the task at hand when classes are held so frequently.”


Holland also said that his experience at Tech was hastened by taking summer classes.


“I graduated early and am now on my way to getting my master’s at the end of the spring quarter,” Holland said. “This was made possible because I took summer school, and I encourage other students to make their college career a little simpler by giving it a shot.”


Some students believe that the size of the classes is why summer school is such a good option.


Dan Mabry, a sophomore marketing major, said he likes that the classes are smaller and allow for more of a one-on-one with the teacher.


“Summer classes seem to be easier because you go to class every day instead of every other day,” Mabry said.  “This helps for getting in a daily routine and not forgetting information as easily.”


Mabry said he believes this is a way to better your GPA as well.


“Taking summer classes helps to get certain classes out of the way that would be more difficult during the regular school year,” Mabry said.  “I’ve learned that I make better grades during the summer because of the smaller class sizes and the fact that teachers seem to be more helpful to people who go out of their way to take classes when no one else wants to.”


Other students seem to like that more classes can be taken faster than normal.


Caroline Shaw, a senior elementary education major, said she believes summer school is a great way to finsih classes sonner than you normally would.


“I think summer classes are great because you get the chance to get classes out of the way in a shorter amount of time than you would during the school year,” Shaw said.  “I’ve also heard that teachers are more lenient during the summer sessions.”


Shaw also said it can be easier to get into the classes you want.


“I think it is easier to get into some of the classes because there aren’t as many people trying to fight for a seat,” Shaw said. “This cuts back on the stress of racing for a class that you need.”


Barbara Baldwin, a senior clinical kinesiology major, said she enjoys summer school because it helps to get more hours in a shorter time.


“Summer school is beneficial because it gives students an opportunity to catch up or get ahead,” Baldwin said.  “Most summer school requires you to attend classes daily, which is helpful because the material stays fresh on your mind.”


Baldwin also said she enjoys the swiftness of the quarter and the size of the classes.


“I think that every student should spend a summer in Ruston because there’s nothing quite like it,” Baldwin said.  “The small number of students in school gives you the opportunity to form new relationships with classmates and in turn helps to have a great summer.”


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