Students showcase art at annual show

March 28, 2013


Art show attendees admire student artwork submitted to the annual student art show. - Photo by John Sadler

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Everyone’s eyes were to the front as Cristin Nunez stepped behind the podium and asked to be excused for any giddiness, as she was just married three days before.


Thus began Nunezs’ lecture on marketing artwork at the opening reception for the School of art Annual Student Show. Nunez is assistant director at the Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans and served as juror for the show.


“I knew Marie Bukowski, an art professor here, from the gallery business,” Nunez said. “She asked me to be here and I thought it’d be fun.”


The School of Art’s Annual Student Show is an exhibition of Tech students’ art. Lasting for the duration of a month, it allows the community to view and purchase local pieces from up-and-coming art students.


“Jurying was difficult,” Nunez said. “Everyone who entered was very talented, and there just weren’t enough awards.”


Johnathan Courter, a sophomore photography major, received the best in photography award.


He said he was really anxious waiting for the results.


“It’s exciting. I don’t even know how to explain it,” he said. “It’s like a weight off my shoulders.”


Les Guice, vice president of research and development, said he is proud of the art students and the art department in general.


“This faculty is as good as I’ve ever seen,” said Guice, who will become Tech president at July. “They’re just so strong and so passionate. They’re committed.”


This event is extremely important for the student body, Guice said.


“This is an opportunity for them to not only showcase their work, but also to show that their work is valued,” Guice said.


Elizabeth Lenox, a freshman art education major, said that the show is very important for the artists.


“It’s really a good display of what the School of Art is all about,” Lenox said.


Lenox, who received best of core, an award for students in their first year of art classes, said she was extremely surprised she won.


“I got here late and I had no idea I was going to win,” she said. “I was so happy, I feel privileged.”


Jonathan Donehoo, the director of the school of art, said he also shares Guice’s sentiments.


“Every year, you’re just so proud,” Donehoo said. “We want as many people as possible to see what we do.”


Donehoo said he is constantly surprised the environment some of the artists have grown up in has not influenced them.


“There are a lot of students here with a rural background, maybe one where they aren’t exposed to much culture,” he said. “I’m not really seeing this act as a detriment, because these students can produce some very sophisticated art.”


Donehoo said the show is a good thing for the students who have entered.


“It’s an opportunity for students to show their work,” he said. “They can get some attention for it and maybe a little money. We sell quite a bit every year.”


Marisa Estes, senior English education major, said she was there for her friend who had a piece in competition.


Estes said she was impressed with the variety of art on display at the show.


“Art is something that makes me feel, evokes my emotion, and makes me think,” Estes said. “There are quite a few pieces here that fit that.”


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