Students shine in Talent Show

November 1, 2012

Kappa Delta girls took home the People’s Choice Award dancing to the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene from “Mean Girls.” - All photos by Shradha Bhandari


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It was grease lightning Tuesday night at Tech as 13 performers made their way to the stage for the Tech Homecoming 2012 Talent Show.


The talent show, hosted by Union Board, carried the theme “Grease.”


Mallory Cox, a senior mathematics major and Miss Louisiana Tech, said the talent show’s success was no surprise because UB always does an incredible job.


Cox served as a talent show judge, along with Andy Cline, director of orientation, Stacie Holly, director of student disabilities and Teresa Weatherspoon, the Lady Techsters’ head basketball coach.


Earlier in the quarter, UB held auditions for the talent show, only selecting which contestants to participate.


Cox said UB has an eye for talent because tonight’s show definitely had a lot of talent with much diversity between the performances.


There were people playing guitar and singing, a group of girls dancing/acting, groups playing with a girl singing, a guy break-dancing and even a girl singing while making a beat with cups.


Cameron Theodos, a sophomore psychology major, said the show was a huge success drawing in a huge crowd.


“The talent was excellent this year, at least better than last year,” he said. “People were even sitting on the floor to watch the show.”


People will come if the talent is good, he said.


The crowd seemed to love all performances as they yelled, screamed and clapped for every act.


UB even set up a text and email code in order for the audience to vote for the People’s Choice Award after the show.


The crowd voted and the outcome was revealed; Molly Bowman, Amy Dousay, Camille Flurry and Juliana Pettiette walked away $100 richer with the People’s Choice Award.

Kate Lange was awarded first prize for her cup-tapping performance to the song “Miss Me When I’m Gone.” She walked away from the Union Board sponsored talent show $500 richer.


The group of girls did a reenactment from the movie “Mean Girls” of Santa’s helpers performing “Jingle Bell Rock.”


Juliana Pettiette, a junior family child studies major, said the group was reenacting the “Mean Girls” performance because it was humorous in the movie, so they knew it would be funny at Tech also.


“It feels awesome to win People’s Choice because we worked so hard,” she said. “We really had to watch the YouTube video to perfect the dance, and we hand-made our costumes.”


Kate Lange, a sophmore journalism major, walked away from the talent show $500 richer as the Homecoming 2012 Talent Show’s first place winner after singing “Miss Me When I am Gone” as she created percussion with a plastic cup.


“I was honestly so surprised when I won,” she said. “I auditioned spur of the moment just to see if I could get in.”


Lange said the competition was steep so her winning was mind-blowing.


“I did not do much to prepare,” she said. “I have known the cup thing since sixth grade, and I saw the song on a YouTube viral video three months ago.”


Cox said she could not personally pick a favorite because every performance was great.


“Emma Meek and Alex Spiers always amaze me with their singing,” she said. “They harmonize so well together.”


Meek and Spiers won $100 as third-place winners and Joshua James won $250 as the second-place winner.


The winners were not the only impressive performances though, Cox said.


“Courtney Nash’s break-dance was impressive, and he even did it with a broken femur,” she said. “All contestants were wonderful, and it was an honor and joy to be a judge.”


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