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November 8, 2012

Kimberly Eaton, sophomore biology major, prepares for her upcoming finals in Tolliver Hall. - Photo by Shrada Bhandari


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Finals week is approaching quickly as fall quarter ends, letting Tech students have a break from so much school.


During fall quarter, students work hard from week one until week 10 without any breaks to put schoolwork on hold.


The quarter can seem long because of the lack of breaks, making the quarter, and especially finals, more difficult, said Anita Pumphrey, a family and child studies instructor.


She said finals can be tough but there are ways to properly handle the stress and many hours of studying.


“In order to succeed during finals week, one must first plan ahead and make a study schedule,” she said. “It is also good to utilize study groups, do not miss the class period before the test and practice writing out any questions given for the test.”


However, this does not seem to be the case for most college students, she said.


Chris Kepner, a graduate student in architecture, said he is a “crammer” for finals week.


“I pull all-nighters five out of the seven days of the week on the last weeks of classes,” he said.


He said he gets grumpy and easily angered after staying awake for such a long amount of time.


Pumphrey said she feels sympathy for students that cram and allow themselves to get so exhausted they cannot function.


“I just wish some students had better time management skills so they were not so tired,” she said.


She said she witnesses a wide range of different study habits.


“I see students not taking care of themselves and staying up all night trying to cram for exams,” she said. “I also see students that are so overwhelmed, they do not even try because they have so much stuff do they do not know where to begin.”


Tim Allred, a sophomore medical technology major, said it is normal to be nervous for finals but there is a healthy dose of nervousness—good fear and bad fear.


“The good amount of fear is being a little bit nervous, just enough to make you study and try hard,” he said. “The bad fear is when you flip out so bad that you cannot even concentrate on your studies and only concentrate on how nervous you are.”


Allred said he completely puts away all distractions when he gets ready to study. That means locking up game systems, turning off Facebook and phones and telling everyone to leave him alone.


However, giving up everything might seem a tad extreme for some people.


Kepner said in order to prepare for finals he makes sure he has a lot of fun beforehand and does not give up his social life on the weekends.


Pumphrey said it is to a student’s advantage to take breaks and study in segments because too much studying is unproductive.


“It is better to study two hours a day than eight hours the night before,” she said. “It is good to pace yourself so studying does not become this huge burden.”


She said students not only need to take advantage of the opportunities they are given but also need to watch their health, too.


“Eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of sleep can make all of the difference,” Pumphrey said. “Students need to plan ahead, use their resources and take good care of themselves.”


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