Students pitch ideas to see who is Top Dawg

November 6, 2014


Louisiana Tech students gathered in University Hall to pitch their ideas–Photo by Brian Blakely

Louisiana Tech students gathered in University Hall to pitch their ideas–Photo by Brian Blakely


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Contestants had a chance to present business ideas for things that they have invented at the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch last Tuesday.


The event takes place every fall and has been held for the past 12 years.


Debbie Inman, the coordinator of entrepreneurial studies, said the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch is open to all Louisiana Tech students and alums of up to one year.


“The goal of the event is for students to gain entrepreneurship education,” Inman said.


She said Tech offers many different programs and events to aid the contestants.


“We offer training programs, mentoring with business professionals and exposure to experienced entrepreneurs,” Inman said.


Twenty-three teams competed in the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch this year.


Nathaniel Pruden, a senior industrial engineering major, and Joshua Carver, a senior industrial engineering major pitched their idea called “Podsea.”


“Our product is a boat used for duck hunting,” Carver said. “We made it to where the boat can get in to the tough places and hunters will not have to use multiple boats.”


Pruden said the pair came up with the idea a year ago after talking to his grandfather about duck hunting.


“We have pitched our idea to several industries and one has put money down on our product,” Pruden said.


A group of students pitched their idea called “Catch up Class,” which is designed to help students when they miss a lecture.


The group consisted of Tech students Nishant Sinha, a graduate business major, Furau Unukpo, a senior computer science major, Lauren Murchison, a junior graphic design major, and Abhishek Panchal, a doctoral biomedical engineering student.


“Our product is for students who miss lectures and would like to see what they missed,” Sinha said. “The way we have it working is students will go to their professor and get a key to sign in. They will have to pay a small fee for the lecture, but we think it will help students understand the value of class.”


Unukpo said the group has talked to some Tech professors and plan on talking to more about adding their lectures to the website.


“The professors that we have talked to love the idea,” he said. “We have lots of future plans for our product.”


Inman said the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch is not the only opportunity contestants have.


“The next step for the students who participated is the TOP DAWG New Venture Championship in the spring,” she said.


Inman said TOP DAWG is a great start for students who wish to start their own business whether it is with these ideas or other ideas.


“The TOP DAWG events are a great opportunity for students to experience a slice of product and service development and business startup,” she said.


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