Students line up to receive refunds

December 13, 2012

Zach Williams, university bursar, at the comptrollers office, hands a refund check to Trent Norman, a freshman chemical engineering major. - Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay


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Next to class commencement, refund day is one of the most anticipated days of the quarter for students. Refund checks are the funds left over after scholarships and financial aid have been applied to the tuition for Tech students.


For some students, their allotted spending for a quarter is determined by the amount of their refund check.


Aimee Baxter, director of Student Financial Aid, said refunds are issued each quarter seven days after drop and add registration has ended.


“Our office is responsible for pulling in the disbursements and completing quality checks to insure accuracy for the Cashier’s Office to distribute the refund checks,” Baxter said.


Zach Williams, university bursar, officiates the refund procedure.


“There are two ways to receive a refund one is by picking up a paper check in the Cashier’s Office on designated dates and the other is through electronic bank deposit, which can be set up on the student B.O.S.S account and is highly encouraged,” Williams said.


About two-thirds of refund recipients utilize the electronic bank deposit option.The purpose of a refund is to cover books, supplies and student’s cost of living.


“This quarter the average refund check was $1,520,” Williams said.


Ashley Bates, a junior kinesiology major, uses her refund wisely.


“I usually pay my bills up for the next three months because I know I won’t be getting another refund until the next quarter,” Bates said. “The money does ease the burden of all the expenses I face while I’m in school and gives me a little extra spending money.”


All students are not as thrifty with their spending.


Joshua Jackson, a sophomore business management major, has other plans for his refund.


“Basically everything I need is provided by parents, so this is just extra money to me,” Jackson said, “I plan on paying a traffic fine and getting the tattoo on my chest finished with my money.”


Refund checks with large amounts of money is a dream to some students though.


Ellen Frauschi, a senior studio art major, cannot do much with her refund.


“For the winter my refund was $32.50,” Frauschi said. “That doesn’t even come close to paying for one of my books.”


Students who need access to refund money before the distribution date have the option to take money from the expected refund and add it the Tech Express card.


Lisa Cole, comptroller, ensures that students have alternative options when it comes to receiving refunds.


“Students can expect to be able to place money from refunds on to their Tech Express by that Monday of the week classes start,” Cole said. “We do this to ensure that students who depend on their refunds to buy books can have the supplies they need when classes start.”


SGA loans also provide early access to refund money.


Jeff Boudreaux, SGA treasurer, issues anywhere between 50 and 100 loans each quarter.


“SGA loans are provided all year around for students, but students can receive more with an expected refund,” Boudreaux said. “Students can receive up to $250 with an expected refund instead of the usual $125.”


Students are only allowed one SGA loan per quarter and must provide two forms of ID and a copy of their unofficial transcript to qualify for loans.


Tech students received electronic transaction checks Dec. 7 and paper checks became available in the Cashier’s Office on Dec. 10 for the winter quarter.


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