Students have a vote in UB spring concert plan

January 18, 2013


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Country, rock, rap, hip-hop, pop––all of these are popular genres, but for Tech students, country was the sure favorite, Doug Prater said.

At midnight Dec. 11, 2012, Union Board posted its first-ever survey to the student body.


“The survey was about giving students the option to help Union Board plan the annual spring concert,” Prater, Union Board president, said. “They get to help decide what genre the concert will be, what day it will be, what time it will start and how much ticket prices will be for students.”

The survey consisted of five questions, Prater said.  They covered genre preference, ticket prices, the day to hold the concert, what time it should start and whether or not students would be willing to have a quarterly fee increase for the pool of artists.


Prater, a senior history and Spanish major, said that in the past students have had many complaints about not  having any input for various events.


“With this survey, Union Board will be heading in the direction of allowing students to have their opinions heard toward the concert,” Prater said.


Antonio Wilson, a sophomore agriculture education major, said because Union Board is an organization for the students, then it was time to do a survey.


“I like the survey idea,” Wilson said. “I voted myself and it gave me the feeling that I did have a say in what happens on campus as a student.”


He said the survey made him feel as if Union Board cared about the wants and needs of the students.


“It’s awesome to see them reaching out,” Erin Dupree, a sophomore biology major, said. “It makes me feel like they really care about the student body as a whole and it’s important for them to know what the student body wants.”


She did not fill out the survey herself, but Dupree said it still has a huge impact on students’ opinions.


“I’ve heard a lot of talk about them picking what they’ve wanted in the past, which is fine because they run the events, but to know they do care about what everyone else would like to see is really awesome,” she said.


Following the survey exactly is not going to be possible, Prater said, but Union Board is going to stick to it as much as possible.


“By voting on the survey, students will be ultimately giving Union Board guidelines to follow when it comes to the concert,” he said.



Some of the results of the survey are shocking, Prater said, but then some are not.


“Having the concert on Friday at 7 p.m. overwhelmingly received the majority of votes,” he said. “The genre vote was very close, with country in first, followed by rock, and then rap/hip-hop.”


The results showed the majority of students are in favor of ticket prices being at least $15, Prater added.


“Overall, we had some great feedback,” he said. “We definitely know what day the students want, what time they want it to start, what prices they like and what genre they prefer.”


The interesting results were from the fee increase question, Prater said.


“Union Board’s pool of artists for concerts is very limited due to a smaller budget compared to other universities’ activity boards,” he said. “So to see over 77 percent of students being in favor of some amount of a fee increase is great information to know.”


This survey is just one of the steps involved in making Union Board a more integrated part of campus life for students of this university, Prater said.


“We hope to expand upon this survey in years to come to allow students more input,” he said. “The more input and participation we receive for Union Board events, the better quality we can provide to the students.”


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