Student voters approve SGA fee

April 26, 2012


Staff Reporter


Only 7 percent of the student body participated in SGA elections April 18 and 19.


During these elections, the enhancement fee, renewing the $20 fee and adding on a new $30 fee to full-time students’ tuition, passed with 83 percent approval.


James King, vice president of student affairs, said the amount of voters that participated is a normal number.


“We historically have seen 10-12 percent even in the most hotly contested races,” he said. “Students need to be involved in governance.”


Taylor Michiels, a freshman accounting major, said he thinks more advertising would have helped.


“I understand the candidates were unopposed,” Michiels said, “but a couple of flyers here and there wouldn’t hurt.”


All candidates were unopposed, and have been elected.


Scott Hunter, a sophomore architecture major, said he noticed this as he clicked on the bubbles beside the candidates’ names on election day.


“There weren’t many options to vote for,” Hunter said. “You could vote, or you couldn’t.”


Some students are not so happy about the fee and voted against it in the election.


“I didn’t vote for it because of things like the 3OH!3 and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus concert,” Hunter said. “I’m not sure how money is transferred around, but the concert cost $80,000, and only about 1,200 people went. They lost so much money.”


Kayla Johnson, a junior kinesiology major, said she questions how money is transferred as well.


“I feel like they are always upping tuition,” she said. “So why do they need more money?”


Even though she had some questions, Johnson still voted for the fee.


“Expanding parking space for parking is needed, and improvement on facilities is needed,” she said.


Michiels voted against the fee because the projects listed didn’t affect him.


“The new features would be nice,” Michiels said, “but I didn’t feel like they would affect me as much as I would like since I don’t do intramurals or have parking issues.”


According to King, the first project the fee will tackle is the demolition of Neilson Hall and Caruthers Hall, then new parking facilities will begin this summer along with sidewalks and more lights down Tech Drive and Alabama.


Some of the improvements will be seen finished as early as Fall Quarter.


“I feel like I am aware of what’s going on around campus,” Johnson said, “and I need to know what’s being brought to the table and how the campus will change.”


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