Student Health Center holds annual wellness fair

May 3, 2018



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Yoga demonstrations, spinal screenings, a Zumba demonstration and massage therapy were just a few of the offerings of Louisiana Tech Student Health Center’s annual wellness fair.


The event, held April 24, marked the 24th annual fair and was held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Center.


Paige Pickett, Student Health Center director, said the purpose of the wellness fair each year is to educate Tech students and the Ruston community on the resources available to them.


“It gives them an opportunity to get wellness checks done, and a lot of education is obtained,” she said. “They learn new trends in the health field. We have almost 80 booths here, so it’s a great turnout.”


The event included booths from local health and wellness providers including Ruston Fire Department, Better Living Market, Gibson’s Fresh Grocer and Ruston Apothecare.


Brooke Stiglets, of Ruston Apothecare, said she thought the fair was a great way to not only promote local businesses but also make health services more easily accessible to college students.


“A lot of college kids are from out of town and don’t know where a pharmacy is, and they’ll try to go to the more well-known places,” she said. “But if you put yourself out there, maybe they’ll come see you; you’ll definitely get your business up and maybe make their experience of Ruston much better.”


Stiglets said she thinks events like the wellness fair are particularly beneficial to students because in many situations, discussions about living well can become confusing.


“Some students are able to do their research and understand it, but sometimes it gets really complicated,” she said. “I mean, there’s things about stretches and certain exercises that even I don’t understand sometimes, so it’s definitely better to get out there and be able to talk to somebody and have it simplified for you.”


Rachel Dickson, a senior chemical engineering major, said she thinks events like the wellness fair are helpful in aiding college students like herself maintain a healthy lifestyle in college because they add more informative aspects to health.


“I have a lot of friends who go work out on a regular basis in the Lambright, which is a huge, wonderful resource for us, but also, I think it never hurts to be a bit more educated about it,” she said.


Dickson said she thinks to an extent, Tech students are knowledgeable about health, wellness and the resources available to them, but believes there is still more to learn.


“There are a lot of resources that I’ve only recently heard about that we don’t necessarily get as much exposure to that are super helpful, like wanting to start a diet and how to go about that healthfully,” she said.


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