STEAM hosts drawing workshop

May 3, 2018



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STEAM marketing chair Nick Hobbs sketches model Ellen Herrington. – Photo by Precious Brown


The STEAM Initiative club showed just how creative they can be by hosting the last session of their drawing workshop in honor of Maker’s Month.


The final workshop of its April series was hosted April 25 as the club — consisting of math, science and art based subjects and activities — brought Louisiana Tech art professor Whitney Causey in to teach students at the workshop in the F. Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center. She walked through the art of figure drawing and taught the students aspects such as shades, shadows, shapes and lights as a student posed for a portrait.


Causey drew a demo as the students observed and mimicked to the best of their abilities. She said this workshop is an extension of her passion for teaching and art.


“I truly love what I do,” Causey said. “Teaching students to look beyond what they know and focus on what they see is something that can be applied in many aspects of their lives. So I find that when I teach a drawing workshop I am inspiring students to not only be creative through drawing, but take what they learned from the creative process and apply this to everything.”


Causey said she hopes the drawing workshop can continue in the future and wants to be a part of it going forward.


“I feel that the STEAM Initiative and the figure drawing workshop gives students from multiple disciplines the chance to come together and learn from one another,” Causey said. “The drawing workshop is a wonderful event that I am happy to be a part of now and in the years to come.”


Sophomore studio art major Akeylah Wellington is the president of STEAM Initiative. She said she hopes to inspire students who may not be art majors to still be involved in activities like figure drawing and feel welcome to participate.


“I want to promote this as an area of positivity,” Wellington said. “And I want to let people know that it’s okay to walk into this space and not really know anything at all but still want to participate. A lot of the people in our club (who) are STEAM-affiliated are not art majors and that’s really great. That’s one of the things that we really want.”


An example of a non-art major who attended the workshop is freshman electrical engineering major Elizabeth Kibodeaux, who said she hopes the workshop would improve her understanding of structure from an anatomical standpoint.


“I’ve been drawing for a few years,” Kibodeaux said. “And when I saw there were figure drawing classes, that was one thing I needed to work on: anatomy of figures and proportions. So I figured this would be a good learning experience. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so immersive, but It’s been really awesome.”


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