Spring season brings new interests

February 16, 2012




We are starting to see a change in our sports interests as of late, with the addition of the spring sports on our calendars.


While basketball, tennis, bowling and track are well into their spring seasons, the Bulldog baseball and Lady Techster softball teams are just getting into the swing of things and are poised for promising 2012 campaigns with big things in store for them this year.


Every year we spend winter quarter in a sports frenzy over football championships and last minute buzzer beaters in basketball, but once Tech takes to the diamond come February, all those worries are replaced with the relaxing sounds of the crack of the bat on a sunny spring day.


Both squads are set for promising seasons, despite losing several key members that made last year’s teams successful.


The Bulldogs have welcomed 15 fresh faces to this year’s squad, but will look to the upperclassmen for leadership down the stretch this season.


As for the Techsters, who have already begun their season, nine upperclassmen are expected to make big contributions to the squad.


These improvements made will no doubt make for a great season for both squads on the diamond.


There’s always been something about baseball and softball that seemed very calming.


Maybe it’s the predictability, and at the same time unpredictability, that come with the sports.


Or maybe it’s just because the focus that football and basketball requires is not quite as intense for baseball.


After watching both teams religiously for the past four years, I can honestly say there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the stands on a Sunday afternoon watching Tech take to the diamond.


I can’t help but feel the excitement of a kid when thinking of the prospect of those lazy weekends spent at the ballpark.


Al Gallagher once said, “There are three things in my life which I really love:  God, my family and baseball.


The only problem–once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit.”


I can’t help but agree with Al–at least during the spring.

Anna Claire Thomas is a senior journalism major from Monroe who serves as sports editor. Email comments to act013@latech.edu.


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