Spring Fest comes to Tech

May 12, 2016


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Students rush to grab balls while playing hungry hungry hippos. Photo by Brian Blakely

Students rush to grab balls while playing hungry hungry hippos. Photo by Brian Blakely


Crawfish, live music and inflatables is not the usual scene for the Louisiana Tech campus, but with finals approaching, Union Board’s annual Spring Fest offered students just that.



This year, Union Board combined their usual Spring Fling with KLPI’s Mayfest and put together Spring Fest on  May 6.



Kailee Courts, the Spring Fest co-committee head, said when planning for Spring Fest, she and her co-committee head Zach West tried to bring in attractions they would like to have as students.



“Everybody loves the street signs, so that was something we had to bring back,” she said. “We try to think of what students coming in would like. This year we couldn’t get rides so we went for inflatables instead. We have a hungry-hippos game, which I am so excited about.”



Spring Fest brought crawfish, jambalaya, inflatable games and live music to the Tolliver parking lot. Courts said Spring Fest is her favorite event of the year.



“We are here at school all the time,” Courts said “You pay a little bit of your tuition for this, so why not give the students something where they can take a break from their busy lives and have a little fun?”



Courts said the reason she joined Union Board was to be able to provide Tech students with opportunities to have fun.



“As Union Board members, our job is to bring entertainment to the campus,” Courts said. “Anytime that we can do that, anytime I see students coming out and having fun, it makes me very happy.”



Sam Hussein, president of Union Board, said Spring Fest gives the students a chance to celebrate the end of spring quarter and get together with their friends before the school year is over.



“It is a really good event to have at the end of the year,” he said. “It brings everybody together one last time before everybody goes home for summer. They can come out and hang out on the hill, eat some crawfish, listen to good bands and enjoy the last few weeks of school.”



Kimberly Garb, KLPI’s general manager, said KLPI and Union Board were both impacted by the state’s budget cuts, affecting their annual spring events.



“Higher education budget cuts hit both organizations  pretty hard this year,” she said. “In the middle of planning Mayfest, we got the news about how bad the budgets were and we knew something had to be done.”



Garb said KLPI did not want to cut Mayfest entirely, so they chose to join forces with the Union Board.



“Mayfest is something we’ve done for about 15 years now and it’s very important to us,” Garb said. “It was proposed to us that we could combine Mayfest and Spring Fling into one event in an effort to save money and essentially save both events. Though the collaboration was out of necessity, both groups were able to work together pretty successfully to pull it off.”



Hussein said this year’s new collaboration with KLPI brought a different crowd than the past years. KLPI brought in the bands “NDI & Jeff” and “Chief and the Hounds,” while Union Board brought in “Alive by Sunrise” and “Judah and the Lion.”



“It is neat to also have the KLPI crowd out here as well and to be able to work with more diverse things with the money that we have in the middle of a budget crisis,” Hussein said.



Megan Southern, a senior English education major, said her favorite thing about Spring Fest is the chance to meet new people.



“College is more than studying and books,” Southern said. “It is about the college experience as well, and Spring Fest plays part in that. I love the crawfish, the music, and all of the festivities. There’s not many opportunities outside of studying and outside of where you live to interact with people outside of your major, and this gives us the opportunity to do just that.”




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