Spare the rod, spoil the child

December 19, 2014



Now that the Adrian Peterson fiasco, which has cost the running back the entire 2014 season, has blown over in the media, it is time to speak up.


As a child who grew up in the South, I firmly agree with the old saying from the Bible, “spare the rod, spoil the child.”


I believe there is nothing wrong with disciplining  children when they have done something that merits correction.


Peterson did not do it the right way and he took it too far with the injuries he inflicted on his son.


I think the justice system prevailed in this case and Peterson got the appropriate punishment for his actions.


The suggestions that Peterson should be kicked out of the NFL or should receive prison time are ludicrous.


Peterson grew up in Texas and was only doing what was done to him as a child.


He was a first-time offender and has been a model of perfection in a league full of crime.


Former wide receiver Donte Stallworth killed a pedestrian crossing the street in front of him while he was driving intoxicated.


Was there a media storm? No.


Was there any uproar around the nation when he settled out of court and was back in an NFL uniform the next year? No.


The society we live in today looks for any situation that is considered “old school” such as disciplining your children, and attempts to make it appear evil or heartless.


However, when a professional athlete is caught with drugs or driving under the influence of alcohol, it is seemingly the norm.


I am not condoning what Peterson did to his child. It is my opinion that he took it way too far.


I do agree, however, with the principle that children need to be disciplined when they are young.


I get confused when I hear people say that Peterson’s crime is unforgivable and that players such as Stallworth deserve a second chance to redeem themselves in the NFL.


Peterson will come back to play next year and his actions will be forgiven by all.


The cycle will start again until the next superstar with a clean track record messes up.


Will Trahan is a junior journalism major from Delhi. Email comments to bwt008@latech.edu.


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