Social media and modern marketing strategies

July 13, 2017


Anyone who has dared to scroll through Instagram in the past week and a half most likely viewed numerous pictures of the same red swimming suit.


This was part of a marketing campaign by Sunny Co. Clothing, which promised a free bathing suit to those who reposted and tagged them in a photo (which, after an overwhelming response, the company reserved the “right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary” and warned participants of the possibility of shipping delays).


The bandwagon effect was seen in full swing. Social media provides a platform for trends to spread like wildfire and either burn out completely or continue to rage, based on the response of viewers. According to Teen Vogue, it was estimated that thousands of reposts of Sunny Co. Clothing’s red swimsuit occurred.


This is just one example of the internet’s far reach into daily life. It influences social norms, trends and is even able to have an impact upon buying habits. Marketing ploys and strategies frequently implant themselves among the typical content from personal connections.


At The Tech Talk, we believe in some ways, social media can be too influential in daily life. Often, the newest trend or product is rapidly seen and absorbed by the public, and can quickly diffuse into our daily lives. Product crazes fueled by social media are not uncommon in our society, and many are quick to hop on board, without taking the time to truly evaluate the trend.


People may have the tendency to skip the step of fact checking and simply take what they see on social media at face value.


Despite these potential considerations for consumers, the implications stemming from the existence of a social media market can behoove the efforts of companies. It can provide a way to reach many potential consumers of a product. In this way, we see it as a potentially effective tool for marketers.


However, it is also possible for companies to easily misconstrue product information via social media channels. Many individuals who have found a suspiciously good deal via a Facebook link often realize the potential unreliability of certain sites when a product either never arrives or when it finally does, it bears little resemblance to the picture online.


Thus, it is essential for those who use social media as an outlet to remain conscientious about purchasing online.


In addition to personal awareness, at The Tech Talk, we also believe it is crucial for companies utilizing social media outlets for marketing to make efforts to show true credibility and accountability to consumers.


Social media marketing has the possibility to broaden the opportunities of companies and customers, but utilizing this tool comes with new considerations for both parties.


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