Snapchat’s disappointments

February 22, 2018


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Some of our favorite apps have gotten makeovers that I have grown to love-or have at least gotten used to. There is now a 280 character limit on Twitter instead of 140. There are now story updates and a non-chronological timeline on Instagram. However, with the new Snapchat update I believe I will never get acquainted.


Before the new update, there was always a simple swipe to the right that led you to your Snapchat friends’ most recent story updates. Now when you swipe right, stories from publishers, celebrities and recommended stories are for viewing instead.


Swiping left now brings you to your friends’ stories. However, the stories are now shuffled up and you literally have to search for that friend’s story that you want to view.


When you find the story that you want to view, you now have to tap the circle next to their name instead of tapping their name or else it will bring you to the chat conversation screen with that friend.


Among all of the new changes in the app, it has stayed true to opening with the camera for when you need to immediately capture that perfect selfie. That’s one upside.


All of the changes in the app are not bad, though. You can now type a caption and choose among a range of different fonts for your photo.


You can also give your Bitmoji a new look with updated hairstyles and clothes. I can honestly say that I enjoy styling the avatar me.


Obviously, one of Snapchat’s motives was to keep your friends and media content on different spectrums. I can understand that. However, since I’ve had the update, my views have dropped and I feel completely out of the loop with what’s happening with my Snapchat friends.


When I open the app now, I immediately get frustrated and just close it because honestly who has the time to scroll through hundreds of names to get to the stories you actually want to see?


I’ve taken to Twitter to express how I really feel about the new update and some people are in even more distress than me. People are even saying that the update has ruined the experience of the app as a whole. I just feel Snapchat should go back to their basics or the app will continue to lose its popularity among users.


So, if we’re friends on Snapchat and you get a notification saying that I’m typing, don’t worry. I’m just trying to look at your story.


Tamaria Williams is a junior communication major from Shreveport who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk.


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