Slumber Party to help Tech students sleep

October 26, 2017


Bryn Young

News Editor | bjy001@latech.edu


Louisiana Tech’s Counseling Center is contesting the college cliche of poor sleep habits with a new group targeted at educating students on how to more effectively catch some Z’s.


The “Slumber Party” group will meet every Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. in Keeny Hall, Room 327. The sessions will provide information on how to handle sleep problems and changing behaviors that inhibit proper sleep. They will also provide group discussion on member’s sleep experiences.


Poor sleep habits can harm students both physically and academically. According to a 2001 study entitled “Sleep Habits and Patterns of College Students: A Preliminary Study,” those who report more sleepiness during the day also report they get less than eight hours of sleep a night. This can cut into REM sleep which is vital to retaining new information.


Nathalie Campsen is a third-year doctoral student in the counseling psychology program and runs the sleep group at the counseling center. She said the group was created in response to the poor sleep habits that plague college students and hopes to help these students understand what healthy sleep is.


“Whether it is poor quality or not enough sleep, college students are not sleeping well,” Campsen said. “The reason for this can be several factors. For example, college students are constantly working towards balancing class or schedules, making time for extracurricular activities, maintaining a social life, or finding time to do homework or study for exams. Sleep tends to be placed at the bottom of the list of priorities.”


Campsen said students who are having troubles falling asleep, napping constantly or even those who are simply tossing and turning throughout the night should be enticed to participate in the group. She hopes that through this, students will be able to see improvement in both health and grades.


“If students are able and willing to attend, I feel that students could pick up some tips and tricks that could help improve their sleep,” she said. “With that, sleep has been found to be related to academic performance, diet, overall health, and memory. Poor sleep tends to impact several areas of our lives. With an improvement in sleep, I would hope that students could see positive impacts in other areas of their lives as well.”


Eric Lane, a sophomore English major, said he has been recently trying to better his scheduling and thinks the sleep group is an interesting resource that could possibly help him with his endeavors.


“I think it’s a great idea,” Lane said. “If a group of people come together in the hopes of trying to find a solution for a shared issue, I think everyone involved will come out with the goal accomplished. The only thing I can lose is sleep and I’ve already lost that. By joining this sleep group, I’ll have the opportunity to gain it back.”


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