Sitting down with Miss Tech

November 5, 2017


Miss Tech 2018 Samantha Hawthorne talks about her recent crowning and the year ahead.



Why did you decide to compete for Miss Tech?

When I was a senior in high school, I met a former Miss Tech at a dance camp. I honestly “fangirled” over her too hard, but at that moment I knew I wanted to be Miss Louisiana Tech. She had the biggest impact on my life and still does to this day. As Miss Louisiana Tech ,I knew I wanted to make the same positive impact on someone else’s life the way she did to mine.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

I am honestly looking forward to spending every single day as Miss Louisiana Tech 2018. This has been a dream of mine since my senior year of high school, and words do not express enough how honored I feel to represent my university. I feel so incredibly blessed, and every day is something new and exciting.


What makes you proud to be a Louisiana Tech Bulldog?

Louisiana Tech is truly a family. When I walk on campus, I can immediately feel the love and school spirit each person has for this university. I am proud to say here at Louisiana Tech we are more than just a student ID number. Even though our campus is diverse in every spectrum, I cherish how we all come together with the same love for our university.


Are you participating in any of the Homecoming festivities?

I was crowned Miss Tech just last week, but I knew I wanted to participate in as much of Homecoming week as possible. So I literally woke up the next day and immediately started contacting SGA and Union Board to ask what I could do! I gave my $18.94 to dollars for dogs, Mr. Tech and I will be making an appearance at Tech or Treat, I will be introduced at the pep rally, I will be riding in the Homecoming parade with Mr. Tech and then tailgating with the Homecoming court and alumni. Lastly, I have the opportunity to be a honorary team captain and perform the coin toss!


What is your favorite part of Homecoming week?

This is my last Homecoming as a student and my favorite thing in the world is that I get to experience it all as Miss Tech. That just makes it so much more special and meaningful. It could not be a more perfect ending to my college experience. I will say that I am excited to have the opportunity to do the coin toss at the game.


What does being Miss Tech mean to you?

The love I have for my university is indescribable. Louisiana Tech has given so much and invested in me and I just want to spend this year giving back as much as I can. I know that because I am a senior and having spent the past three years loving and learning from this school has prepared me to do this job this year.


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