Silence is not gold at the TAC

January 30, 2014




Walking around campus at Tech, you see many signs saying “Be Loyal Blue,” or logging into your social media, you’ll see people posting their love for Tech with the occasional HBTD (How ‘Bout Them Dogs.)


All this love for Tech is great, but why can’t we enact this love further by attending our athletic events?

The “Operation Sellout” game last Saturday had an attendance of 7,355, the fourth largest crowd ever at the Thomas Assembly Center and the largest crowd since the early ‘80s.


Attendance for that one game was spectacular, but Tech fans need to make an effort like that for all the games of every sport.


The Tech-Southern Miss football game last November had an official attendance of 18,571, but I can say from a firsthand account that it sure didn’t look or sound like that many people.


You could make an argument that we are in the golden age of Tech athletics.


Many of our teams have had winning records and played beyond the regular season in the past few years. Tech is one of 15 schools, and the only non automatic qualifying/non BCS school, to have been voted in the top 25 in both football and basketball during the 2012-13 season.


Tech basketball currently has two players, Michale Kyser and Kenneth “Speedy” Smith, in the top-five in two major categories for men’s basketball. The 17-4 team is also in the top 12 in the nation in points, rebounds, assists and steals.


The Bulldogs even received a vote in the Top 25 this week.


All of these stats are amazing. What’s even more amazing is that we can’t get high attendance for games.


The games feature every appeal to the stereotypical college student, they’re free, they’re fun and they offer free food. What more do they need to do to draw more fans in?


We always talk about how much we despise LSU and ULM. Well, let’s hop on our own bandwagon.

The players, coaches and athletic department do their best to give a quality product, and they have succeeded. The least we can do as proud Tech fans is to go out for a few hours and cheer them on.


Chad Merritt is a senior journalism major from Livingston. Email comments to cam059@latech.edu.


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