Sigma Phi Lambda hosts Waffles for World Vision

October 21, 2017


Morgan Bernard



Louisiana Tech students had the opportunity to help change the world by eating waffles during Waffles for World Vision, an event hosted by Sigma Phi Lambda.


The Christian sorority held the fundraiser on Oct. 12 to raise money for their philanthropy organization World Vision, a group that provides necessities to impoverished countries such as clean water and education, and helps people in need during natural disasters in the U.S. The event consisted of a waffle bar and musical entertainment for those who attended.


Miranda Howland, treasurer of Sigma Phi Lambda and coordinator of the event, said the idea of having a waffle night came from other university’s chapters within the sorority.


“I was talking with treasurers from other chapters and they mentioned they have had waffle nights as one of their philanthropy events,” she said. “I really love waffles and love the alliteration that Waffles for World Vision provides. I proposed it to our philanthropy officers and they loved the idea.”


Howland, a junior early childhood education major, said she believed people enjoyed the waffles and music, and the event exceeded the sorority’s expectations.


“I think it went really well,” she said. “Our goal was to raise $750 and we made over that. We had a good number of people show up and everyone seemed to have a really good time. There was a lot of positive feedback from people so that was really encouraging.”


Howland said the waffle night was successful in informing Tech students about World Vision as well as raising funds for the organization.


“We had a lot of people interested in what World Vision stood for and all of the amazing things that they do around the world,” she said. “The main goal for this event was to raise awareness of what World Vision does, and I honestly feel as though we accomplished that.”


Matthew Hannah, a junior fashion merchandising major, attended the event and said he enjoyed it.


“The waffles are great of course, but it is also a relaxed, fun environment for people to make new friends and hang out,” he said. “I really like coming to events like these where everyone can just enjoy the food, music and people around them.”


Hannah Harper, president of Sigma Phi Lambda, said she enjoys supporting World Vision as her sorority’s philanthropic organization because the service they do always goes toward helping those in need.


“They (World Vision) share some of the same beliefs that we have in Phi Lamb,” Harper said. “They help make the quality of life better in developing countries, but they also work with disaster relief during things like the recent hurricanes in the United States.”


Harper, a junior biomedical engineering major, said the event turned out to be more than she had hoped for and she is now looking forward to other Sigma Phi Lambda events in the future.


“We have a wiffle ball tournament coming up in the spring, so now I’m excited to see if the turnout is as great as tonight was,” she said. “Sigma Phi Lambda is still growing so this was a different way to get our name out there, and I think the students here seem to be having a lot of fun. We are still fairly new at Tech – this will be our third year on campus — so I’m really impressed to see this event go so well.”



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