Should undecided voters pick their poison?

May 12, 2016

It seems fitting for 2016 to be an election year, and the candidates couldn’t be more controversial.



For voters who are undecided or independent it feels like there’s no candidate worthy of supporting. If this were a test, the correct answer would be “none of the above.”



Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has garnered plenty of scrutiny for vulgar, verbal attacks on his fellow candidates, Muslims, Mexicans and women. Somehow, they’ve also garnered him votes.



Those in the Trump corner point to his (questionable) reputation as a good businessman and his knack for telling it like it is (or how they think it is).



However, Trump’s status as a conservative is certainly up for debate.



Just this week, Trump said he would like to see an increased minimum wage at the state level and that his tax plan would likely involve tax hikes on the wealthy. Trump spoke out with fervor against both less than six months ago.



Politicians are allowed to have a change of heart, but Trump’s stance on key issues is as flexible as a Russian gymnast.



His Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton has stirred up her own delicious dish of controversy.



Clinton drew praise from her Democratic base and environmentally-aware citizens for comments about how she would, “put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business.”



That was in March. Last Monday, following backlash from coal miners, Clinton, changed her tune by stating we’ve got to, “Get coal to be a fuel that can continue to be sold … and mined.”



Clinton loudly opposed same-sex marriage for over a decade. In 2013, with the rising number of same sex couples and stories reaching the spotlight in popular media, she changed her mind and decided she supported same-sex marriage.



Seems legit.



No one is trying to lump honesty and politics together and the point of this editorial is not to tell you this is the most important election of all time.



As young adults, we need to collectively pay attention and search for facts and truth amidst the name calling and pandering.



It is not our duty as Americans to stand by a party. It is our duty to stand by our principles, whatever they may be, and in this election, it seems an impossible task to figure out where Trump or Clinton’s principles truly lie.



If neither candidate is for you, third-party and write-in candidates are options, as well as the less popular, not voting.



This November, the  best advice for the undecided, trust your gut.


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