SGA to purchase new golf cart for campus

January 18, 2013

This is one of the current SGA golf carts used by students, organizations and various departments on campus. – Submitted photo

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Congress passed a bill to avert the fiscal crisis on Jan. 2 after months of arguing; however, there was no arguing or bickering between Student Government Association senators over passing the first bill of the new year.


The SGA senate passed the bill at last Tuesday’s meeting. The bill was written so SGA could buy a new golf cart.


“I’m just really happy, and I am glad to get the ball rolling,” said Camille Pearce, a junior interior design major and a College of Liberal Arts senator.


Pearce said it was originally SGA treasurer Jeff Boudreaux’s idea when he was part of the senate, but when he was approved to be SGA treasurer; she took up the initiative to get a new golf cart.


“I just took it up and found the price,” Pearce said. “It is a great service.”


The bill was cosigned and supported by senator Carlton Gray, a junior human resource management major and a junior class senator.


“I’m more of a supporter than an actual writer of the bill,” Gray said.


Gray said he was glad to support the bill because the golf cart service is one of the biggest services that the SGA provides. He said it helps other departments as well as students.


“Admissions uses it for people who are handicapped when giving tours of the university and for parents when they get too hot,” Gray said. “Housing uses it for Time Out for Tech when they have to go back and forth to the office.”


Gray also said the Tech police rent the golf carts to organizations at Tech if the organization needs to use the cart for a certain event.


Pearce said the golf cart escort service not only helps students get around, but also offers students safety.

“It is kind of scary to walk at night because not all parts of the campus are lit,” Pearce said.


Elizabeth Hill, a junior family and child studies major, said she agrees the service offers students safety.


“I think it is good because you do not want to walk late at night, even if it is a group,” Hill said. “Sometimes it is helpful to just have someone drive you.”


Some students like Tony Fulco, a freshman mechanical engineering major, have never used the service, but Fulco said although he has never used the golf cart service, he supports the SGA senate’s decision.


“There are some people who need some assistance getting around campus,” he said.


Fulco said although he does not think safety at night in

Ruston is something students really have to worry about; it still can offer people some form of security.


Pearce said the $9,500 spent on the golf cart was the best price they could get.


Gray said he does not see the passing of the bill being a problem financially.


“I think it was one of the services needed,” Gray said. “It was not one of the most important things to the university but one step at a time.”


Pearce and Gray said if students have any ideas they want to present to the senate, contact a senator.


“If students have a problem with the way we are spending money, they can come by the SGA office and suggest a better way to spend money,” Gray said. “We are the liaisons for students and we try to do our best to provide for them.”


Fulco said overall he is fine with the decision of the senate and does not have any problem with the SGA spending money to buy a new golf cart.


Hill said she thinks the decision to get a new golf cart is using the money in a positive way.


“I think it was a good idea to get a new one,” Hill said. “You can never have too many.”



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