SGA to purchase dollies

March 28, 2013


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New technology brings easier ways of handling life, or in this case, handling belongings.


Tech’s Student Government Association has passed a new bill to get dollies to help students who live on campus and have to move their personal items.


Carlton Gray, a junior human resource management major, said it would be a good idea to help these students by passing the bill.


“I thought about this bill for a while and I finally got around to calling Dickie Crawford (dean of student life),” Gray said. “He was all for my idea for getting the new dollies.”


Gray said this is not the first time Tech has used dollies to help students move furniture and appliances.


“We had them before, but they were either broken or in bad condition so we decided to get a few new ones,” Gray said.


There will be multiple dollies provided by SGA so that students will have an easier way of moving in and out of their dorms or apartments.


“We are getting about 17 dollies, and they should be available for use by the end of the quarter in time for their check-outs,” Gray said.


Gray said he hopes the students will find good use for the dollies and they will benefit in the moving process.


“I am positive that the dollies will definitely be useful for the students when they are moving in or out of their dorms or apartments,” Gray said. “It will also be helpful during Dog Haul, an event hosted by SGA during welcome week at Tech, when the freshmen are moving in.”


The number of dollies could increase if there is a growing need for more, Gray said.


“We only have 17 for now to see how the students will respond to the new help, but if they become well-demanded then we will look into providing more dollies for the future,” Gray said.


Other members of SGA also responded well to the idea of new dollies.


Reid Brasher, a senior political science major, said he has good thoughts for the plan of getting the new tools.


“I think that SGA buying the new dollies to assist students moving into the dorms is a great way for us to use our resources to benefit Tech and the students that live on-campus,” Brasher said. “This will also allow more people to help moving in

and out.”


Putting less physical strain on students’ bodies is the main focus of the dollies, said Allison East, vice president of SGA.


“The dollies will make it a lot easier for students to move in and out,” East said. “From my experiences with Dog Haul, one of the worst things is lugging everything from the car to the actual building, because so many people are trying to park.”


East said she believes that they will also allow people to work faster with the assistance of the new moving devices.


“Dollies will really speed the process up and make it a lot less physically demanding,” East said.


The students living oncampus are also happy about the new dollies.


Chellie Clayton, sophomore early childhood education major, feels the dollies will make moving much simpler.


“I think having the dollies will make moving a lot easier because there is always so much traffic in the hallways on move-in day,” Clayton said.


Will Dearmon, president of SGA, also believes that the new dollies will be beneficial to Tech students.


“I think the dollies will be put to great use by LA Tech students,” Dearmon said. “By having dollies available to students and families alike during events like Dog Haul, holidays and quarter breaks, students can proceed to move in and out

quicker, which would hopefully make the process more efficient.”


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