SGA to bring new benches to campus

April 5, 2013


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New additions have become a trending topic at Tech and are beneficial to the campus and students alike.


Tech’s Student Government Association passed a bill last week to place a new bench on campus near Tolliver.


Ryan Willis, a sophomore music major, said he decided it would be a good idea to bring the new bench to Tech’s campus.


“I wanted to do something to make Tech better, and I thought it would be a good idea to put a new bench on campus,” Willis said.  “I saw people standing by Tolliver, so I figured that would be the best place to put it so students would not have to stand anymore.”


Willis also said he believed it would help Tech get a better appearance.


“I just felt any new additions to Tech’s campus would make it more appealing to people who come for tours and other events,” Willis said. “I want people to feel comfortable and welcome when they visit Tech.”


Other SGA members also felt the new bench would be a good way to better the view of Tech’s campus.



Will Dearmon, SGA president, said he believed the new bill would give Tech more potential for gaining more students and helping alumni appreciate the campus.


“I was extremely pleased that the student senate of SGA passed this “bench” related bill,” Dearmon said.  “I have been contacted by several students and administrators since the start of my

term asking if, and will, SGA add more benches to our campus. I can now happily inform them that SGA has heard and answered their request.”


Dearmon also said he saw the location of the bench would be more beneficial to Tolliver and its facilities.


“By placing the bench by Tolliver, I hope more students and administrators will become more attracted to the area,” Dearmon said. “As our alumni brick walkway continues to grow, I can see an increase in interest and time spent on this side of campus.”


Dearmon said he is hopeful the new bench will give students other places to locate themselves on campus.


“By providing them a new bench, I hope students will be encouraged to redefine how and where they spend their time on campus,” Dearmon said.


Other students also agreed that a new addition to Tech’s campus was needed.


Allison East, SGA vice president, said she believes the location of the bench will be helpful for those students who choose to sit rather than stand.


“I’m excited our senators are doing such great work,” East said. “Placing a bench by Tolliver is a great idea, and I think that it would be beneficial to Tech students.”



East said she has noticed a number of students who stand by Tolliver and believes the bench will give students a place to relax.


“I see tons of students standing in that area, and I hope now with a new bench there it will give them a place to sit,” East said. “It also adds to the beauty of Tech’s campus and will hopefully make it more appealing to students and visitors.”


“The more additions we gain at Tech the better our campus will be,” East said. “I’m glad members of SGA are working hard to give students the things they need.”


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