SGA student voting to begin April 18

April 13, 2012


President Dearmon

Vice President East

Secretary Riser

Staff Reporter


When students go to vote April 18-19, they may notice the ballot is slightly empty this year.


The reason?


All candidates running for the Student Government Association are unopposed.


Meet your new SGA president, Will Dearmon.


“I’m very excited,” Dearmon said. “This is a great opportunity to serve the student body on a large level.”


Dearmon said the reason he is running for president is simple: He loves Tech, and he wants to serve the students.


“I want to maintain the prior commitment to servitude and figure out a way to make SGA more stable and more in touch with the student body and make unheard voices heard across campus,” Dearmon said.


Clint Carlisle, current SGA president, said Dearmon will do a great job filling the position of president.


“I have had the opportunity to work with Will in many capacities,” Carlisle said. “I have witnessed firsthand his passion and determination to make a positive impact on our campus. I believe Will has what it takes to help advance our university in a positive direction.”


Dearmon’s vice president is Allison East.


“It’s a lot of emotions,” East said. “I’m beyond excited to get to work, completely shocked and honored to be able to represent the students and a little disappointed that there’s not an actual race.”


East said she has ideas that she has waited two years to try, and it’s great to finally get the chance.


“One of my biggest plans for next year is implementing a program called 100 Great Ideas for Louisiana Tech,” she said. “Its goal would be to talk to students and find 100 ideas that benefit more than one student group, not including SGA, and have a lasting impact on our university.”


East said she wants to change the way people view the vice president position as “unapproachable” and she encourages all students to come visit and talk with her.


“Student feedback is vital,” East said. “Students are the reason we’re here.”


Kewaynethian Riser will be taking the position as SGA’s new secretary.


“I cannot wait to get to work with the fellow executives and plan out next year so it’ll be awesome,” Riser said.


Riser said his focus is to make SGA more accessible to students.


“One of my proposals will be to make good use of SGA office hours,” Riser said. “Instead of being in the office, members would actually go out into the crowd, mostly around lunchtime, and talk to students about their opinions.”


Another question on voter’s minds is why more people did not run for the positions.


“I believe we have far too many positions within the organization,” Carlisle said. “Compared to other SGAs around the nation, we are one of the largest. I am in favor of downsizing, but in order to do that, the constitution must be modified which poses a lot of hurdles due to strict timelines.”


East agrees that the constitution is the problem, but for another reason.


“The way our constitution is currently structured, it was rather difficult for anyone else to run for an executive position,” East said. “As excited as I am, I do wish that more people would have shown interest.”


Riser said the position of secretary has never been opposed as long as he has been at Tech.


“I think not a lot of people want to be secretary because it’s not an easy position,” Riser said. “The secretary has to keep all of the SGA records, keep up with member attendance and office hours, be extremely organized and even has to handle the not-so-glamorous impeachment process, but I am happy that I will be able to do all of this next year.”


Carlisle said because the candidates are unopposed, instead of a presidential debate, there will be a meet and greet.


“The candidates are still encouraged to reach out to the students with the same fervor as if they were running,” Carlisle said.


The candidates will still be on the ballot, though the positions are unopposed. The only thing students will need to make a choice about on the ballot April 18-19 is the enhancement fee.


“One good thing about running unopposed,” Riser said, “is that now the election can focus more on getting the student body to vote for the upcoming enhancement fee bill that will be on the ballot.”


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