SGA sponsors new campus computers

December 15, 2011

Staff Reporter

Tech’s Student Government Association announced Dec. 6 that the computers in three of the main computer labs on campus will be replaced.


The decision to do this was made as a result of a $156,000 grant from the Student Technology Fee Board, which met in November. The board is composed of students, SGA representatives, faculty and staff.


Clint Carlisle, president of SGA, said many of the computers being replaced are severely outdated and malfunction regularly.


“They are being replaced in order to provide an efficient system for our students,” Carlisle said.


He said they chose to replace the computers as one of the main things that needed to be improved on campus for students.


The three labs that will receive new computers are Wyly Tower room 314, Wyly Tower Prescott Memorial Library tenth floor and George T. Madison room 165.


A total of 147 PCs are being replaced at a total cost of $156,438.87. The money for these new computers comes from the student technology fee students pay each quarter to purchase state-of-the-art technology.


Freshman Christian Dean said he would be able to get more work done with the newer computers in the lab.


“It’s almost impossible to get anything done with the current computers,” said Dean, a computer science major. “It’s such a slow process. I will be there for hours and only get stuff done for one class. I go there all the time to do my homework, but only out of necessity.”


Some students, like junior general studies major Ashley Gipson, use the computer lab a lot but do admit that the computers are slow.


“If the systems were up-to-date then it would make students more productive and it would be easier to get their work done,” Gipson said.


Tech’s SGA has combined this order with other schools in Louisiana to obtain a substantial discount, $170.79 per computer, which will save Tech $25,106.13, Carlisle said.


He said there is not a set date for when the computers will be replaced, but he would like for them to be installed by the end of this month.


“Replacing all of the technology is a difficult project as you can imagine,” Carlisle said, “It will take time.”


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