SGA seeks promotion for its own name

February 9, 2012

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A budget was approved by the Student Government Association in the fall quarter that contained a line item to purchase items to promote SGA’s name on campus and to encourage students to participate in campus elections and other activities.


An uninformed group of senators who were unaware the line item was contained in the approved fall budget introduced the bill for SGA promotion, which was subsequently approved by the body Jan. 31.


When an SGA official reminded the group they had previously approved funds to promote SGA, the bill was promptly tossed out.


As a result, $600 will be drawn from the SGA public relations fund to purchase a table cloth, banner and sign to promote SGA at campus events such as orientation, elections and organization fairs.


Despite the initial confusion surrounding this issue, many students approve the spending of these funds.


Bryan Babcock, SGA senior class president, said this bill would be a good way to stimulate student interest in the organization and be more receptive to the things it does. He also said it would create a better atmosphere for students when they need to come to the SGA.


“SGA is here for the students,” Babcock said. “We’re the voice of the students and we just wanted a better way of doing that.”


Kaleb Causey, College of Liberal Arts senator, drafted the bill along with the support of co-signers Babcock and Allison East, an SGA sophomore class senator.


East said one of SGA’s main problems is that it does not have enough people running for offices during elections. She said SGA is sometimes seen as undesirable because they have to choose people for offices instead of having them elected by the student body “I think it’s just the fact that we have to appoint so many people,” she said. “It’s not our choice to appoint people.


“We would love for people to run for these spots, but they are not. People don’t really understand what we do and the limitations that we have. They don’t understand the abilities that we have.”


Some students like Jalen Brown, a freshman aviation management major, said they do not know a lot about what SGA does on campus.


“I think it definitely needs more promoting at student activities,” he said. “I don’t know of anything they have hosted this year.”


Brown said he would probably run for office if he knew more about SGA and how it contributes to the student body.


East said the SGA has plans to make the student body aware of their purpose and the things they do around campus.


East said she would like to plan a “Party in the SGA” day like other schools have done in the past. This day would be dedicated to talking to people in the quad and getting their opinions about what they would like SGA to do.


Brown said he likes the golf cart service at night that SGA provides, but he would also like to see some more things out of SGA.


“I think they should have more student activities in the quad and maybe pass out monthly flyers to see how we could get involved,” he said.


East said before the new items they hope to get in the next month, they do not really have anything to promote the SGA. She said she wants SGA members to speak at other organizations’ meetings to increase awareness and the number of candidates in elections.


“I know personally this year I want a big surge to hit other organizations on campus,” she said. “Send speakers to Union Board, fraternities, sororities and to PRISM meetings. Send people all around to try to tell people we have elections, and if you want a change, then be the change.”


East said she hopes the new measures taken will encourage people to become involved in this next election and to participate in SGA activities.


“I hope people don’t see this and think that we are spending our money the wrong way because I think that this could be spun in a negative light,” she said. “It’s stuff that we really do need if we want SGA to grow.”


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