SGA resolution to provide new bicycle racks

January 14, 2018

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Parking on campus can be quite the hassle sometimes.But those Louisiana Tech students who cycle will find parking a little easier following the Student Government Association’s resolution to install new bicycle racks around campus.


On the night of Dec. 5, the SGA unanimously passed resolution #17-18.3 which states that “currently stored bicycle racks be utilized and funds will be allocated in the future to purchase and install bicycle racks in locations approved by the SGA, the Physical Plant and the Aesthetics Committee.”


SGA president Ben Rice said that the decision comes on the back of an October survey sent out alongside a Monday email that showed students desired more racks to secure their bikes.


“I rely heavily on things like that survey because they give SGA a more thorough understanding of what students actually want to see,” Rice said. “Students from all colleges and classifications requested bike racks so that they would not have to search for parking or purchase a sticker.”


He hopes that this resolution can help resolve some of the issues with parking around campus while also bringing new life to the center of campus by giving students more options in how they can choose to get around. Rice said that this is an outlet to ease the influx of displaced parking around new construction areas as well.


“I think we need to push for more bike racks because it’ll take a burden off of parking,” Rice says. “There are plenty of students who live within biking range of campus but choose to drive their car instead because there are not sufficient spots for them to lock up their bikes. If we can get more of those students to bike, parking will become less of an issue, and it will put some more energy into the center of our campus.”


James Davison, author of the resolution, said he agrees with Rice’s assessment of the resolution’s benefits and hopes it will be an inexpensive way to prevent students from securing their bikes to places that they should not, such as handrails.


“Installing new bike racks should provide more proper places for students to station their bike,” Davison says. “Many times bike racks are full or too far away from students’ destinations, therefore they resort to chaining up the bike to a handrail or telephone pole.”


Davison said that talks are underway for placement of the bike racks and that student cyclists can expect racks to be placed near residence areas and busy buildings.


“As far as the process for installation goes, SGA members, the Physical Plant and the Aesthetics committee need to meet and discuss exactly where these bike racks need to be installed, considering that many of the bike racks in storage are immobile once installed,” Davison said. “Where the existing bike racks in storage will be installed is still pending, but from what has been discussed, between GTM and Hale is a possibility, Nethken and in dorm areas near Cottingham.”


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