SGA proposes new fee for athletic facility

January 26, 2012


Molly Bowman
Staff Reporter


The Student Government Association passed a resolution for an enhancement fee Jan. 17 that will fund a new athletic facility on campus.


The resolution will go to the Louisiana Board of Regents and, if approved, will go on the SGA spring election ballots for students to vote on. The proposed fee will renew the current fee of $20, along with an extra $30 that will go toward a new athletic facility for a total of $50.


The proposed athletic facility will be equipped with an auditorium, a place for formal banquets and meetings, and it will have a view of the jumbotron in Joe Aillet Stadium.


Jim King, vice president of student affairs, said this new fee will benefit everything from recreation, student life, athletics and ROTC to recruiting efforts.


In the hopes of appealing to potential students, getting rid of vacant dorms has been included in the proposal.


“When we start talking about recruiting in new students for this campus, we have the opportunity to really green that space and to create a recreation and beautiful park-like atmosphere,” King said.


Tech President Dan Reneau, said Tech has risen academically over the past several years to one of the most dominant institutions in North Louisiana. He said that with the opportunities this new fee will bring, it could place the university as the flagship institution of North Louisiana.


“Good universities are made by several factors: good students, good faculty and good facilities,” Reneau said. “We can take it to another level with the right type of facilities.”


Adam Collins, coordinator for multicultural affairs, said this facility can be used by all organizations, not just for athletics. He said it will also give students an alternative to hosting their school functions on campus instead of off.


“When you think about the limited places we have on campus to have more upscale functions, a lot of times we have to end up going off campus,” he said.


King said the current facilities Tech has are not adequate for what it needs. He said he wants to create a venue that will be properly fitting for prospective employers.


“It’s not good enough for the quality of graduate students that we are producing, nor for the types of companies that are coming in here,” he said.


In addition to new parking and recreation fields, King said, a portion of the money will also be for things that the students wish to have like Greek and student life offices.


Some Tech students such Allison East, a junior biology major, are willing to pay the fee because it will help the future of Tech once they graduate.


East said at the 2011 freshman convocation ceremony, the alumni speaker told them that a degree at a university is only worth as much as the university is worth at that time.


“You have to build your school up, you have to give back and you have to make sure it’s going to look good in the future because that’s what your degree is going to be worth,” East said. “That’s what this $50 is going to help do. It’s going to help Tech build its name, be a good school years down the road and that’s going to help the worth of your own degree.”


King said Tech will not get any funding from the state anytime soon.


“We cannot expect Rouge to solve our problem,” King said. “We cannot expect Baton Rouge to understand our vision, our dream for our institution and our rightful place as a Tier One institution.”


Reneau said he needs the support of the student body to pass this fee and make this facility turn into reality.


“I love this university, I love this student body and it has the opportunity I believe to really move forward, but not without your help,” Reneau said. “You have the chance to leave your legacy.”


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  1. Linza Reply

    April 1, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Build your school up by contributing to academic quality, not athletic quality. Athletics do not make a university great.

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