SGA members attend ULS Day

April 21, 2016


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Members of Louisiana Tech’s Student Government Association were given the opportunity to be the voice of the Tech community to Louisiana’s other elected and state officials.



On April 11,faculty, staff and student representatives from each of the nine University of Louisiana System schools gathered in Baton Rouge to discuss their respective achievements of the school year with state and ULS leaders at the annual ULS Day at the Capitol.



Maggie Brakeville, SGA president, said the purpose of the event was to allow representatives from each university to speak with state leaders and ULS representatives about issues that are important to each school.



“Our goal was to get our messages across to legislators,” Brakeville said. “We attended a luncheon that allowed us to have one-on-one conversations about the issues that are important to us.”



Dave Guerin, executive director of university communications, said during the event representatives from each school discussed their strengths and contributions to the ULS with state legislators.



“The event is held in the rotunda of the Capitol building so that as legislators go to their chambers, we get the chance to network with them and answer any questions they may have,” Guerin said. “It’s really about showcasing what the different schools in the system contribute to the advancement of the state.”



Leaders and representatives also discussed the future of higher education, including the TOPS program.



“There are always discussions going on about TOPS,” Guerin said. “They’re currently facing the battle of figuring out how to continue to fund it and ensure that the students who worked hard to become TOPS eligible have the resources available to pursue a college education. But what’s very important to remember is that our legislators of this region are absolutely in support of our students and doing whatever it takes to fund scholarships for them.”



Guerin said student participation plays a crucial role in the success of the event and the system.



“Over the last few years, students have become more involved in ULS Day,” he said. “We want those state leaders to see firsthand how schools within the system have provided them opportunities to be contributing professionals in the state of Louisiana.”



Mackenzie Potts, SGA president-elect, said she was most impressed by state leaders’ readiness to address concerns as well as their appreciation for Tech.



“Their willingness to have conversations and answer any question or concern we had truly made the experience,” she said. “And it was rewarding to hear how outstanding they think we are as a university and how we continue to grow through these uncertain times.”


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