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November 1, 2012



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At the Student Government Association meeting last week, President Will Dearmon announced that several appointments made last spring were never approved.


Voting took place and in the end, several positions were not approved.


Maggie Brakeville, sophomore class president, said, “It was brought to the attention of SGA that all the appointments made in the spring had not been approved by the senate, so we were faced with the task of approving or not approving all the members who had been appointed.”


Kewaynethian Riser, SGA secretary, said the discovery was made a couple weeks ago.


“It states in our Constitution that a vote of two-thirds is needed to approve the appointments,” Riser said. “ So to uphold our Constitution, we wanted to go back and officially appoint everyone.”


Positions up for re-appointment were the executive treasurer, cabinet, two supreme court justices and several senators that were appointed but not elected in the spring election.


According to the SGA minutes, treasurer Matt Rich, cabinet member Ephraim Fields and four senators: Andy King, J.T. Terzia, Tyler Mills and Hannah McDonald, were not approved.


“I cannot say why some people were not appointed, I just know they did not receive two-thirds of the vote required,” Brakeville said.


Sarah McCorkle, a voting member of the Senate, said she noticed people were not approved were, in most cases, absent.


“People up for re-appointment had to plead their case and tell us what they were doing with SGA and that’s how I voted,” McCorkle said. “I looked to see if they had cosigned any bills and how they were involved, but if they were not there ,it was harder to determine how to vote.”


Six Supreme Court justices were vacated, but this was because of another part of the Constitution, which states that the president can only appoint two justices without a vote by the senate.


Riser said no one had run for the Treasurer position in the spring election so Dearmon appointed Rich. But since it was not voted on, it was not done correctly.


“When we voted there were a total of seven out of eight senators present,” Riser said. “Unfortunately there were four yes’s and three no’s.”


This fell one vote short of the two-thirds needed, so Rich was not approved.


Riser said there are many SGA positions open right now and anyone interested should come as soon as possible to fill out an application.


“A vacancy for positions will be posted on the SGA door,” Brakeville said. “Students who are interested will submit an applications and someone will be appointed in that position by our president and go before our senate to be approved.”


Among the treasurer position that is open, there are six supreme court justice openings, two senior class senators, one junior class senator, one business senator, two education senators and two engineering and science senators.


Riser said this whole ordeal will definitely set SGA back but it is not insurmountable. There are probably ill feelings over what happened but SGA has to move past it and he knows they will, Riser said.


McCorkle said this can be spun intosomething negative for SGA but prefers to look at it differently.


“I had to vote off my acquaintances and I am sure people’s feelings got hurt,” she said.


“The fact that someone caught this mistake though proves we are making ourselves more aware.


“I see this as a positive thing because at the end of the day we can say that ‘yes, SGA followed procedure’.”


“We need to learn from this mistake,” he said.


“This whole experience is a wake-up call to us that there are ways we could improve ourselves and improve this organization and make us more cautious and attentive to what we do and how we run SGA.”


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