SGA finds new ideas at annual conference

March 21, 2013


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There are always new ideas and new thoughts that arise everyday, and some ways are better than others. These are a few things that the students learned at Conference of Student Government Association.


Last month, Tech’s Student Government went to the annual COSGA in College Station, Texas, at Texas A&M University.


The conference was held to inform SGA groups of ways to better their organizations. Adam Collins, coordinator of Multicultural Affairs and SGA adviser was impressed by what the conference offered.


“It is a student-driven conference that gives them bulk information and detail to help make their student governments better,” Collins said. “It also gives them motivational skills to take back to their home schools.”


The conference was attended by about 30-40 college student governments from around the country.


The schools involved all came together to gain knowledge of how to bring their SGA groups closer as well as finding ways to get their peers motivated about SGA.


Carlton Gray, a junior human resources management major, said he enjoyed the conference because it helped show members there were more ideas than what they have been working on.


“They hosted workshops that gave us ideas to take back and work on with our home student government groups. When major colleges like Texas A&M are able to give advice to other groups that may not have as many members as Tech, it benefits our entire campus,” Gray said.  “This allows Tech to look moreprofessional, as well as bringing awareness to the skills and functions of the way SGA runs planned activities,” he said.


Allison East, SGA vice president, said Tony Brigmon, the ambassador of fun for Southwest Airlines, was her favorite speaker in the conference.


“He has a sense of excitement and enthusiasm that makes you want to do what you are doing,” East said.


East said not everything was exciting  especially when it came to group discussions.


“The round tables were not as interesting as I thought they would be,” she said. “There was too much back and forth banter and nothing seemed to get accomplished.”


Other than helping SGA as a collective group, it also allowed students to interact with peers of their own from different universities, East said.


She said, from the reactions on the SGA members’ faces it was evident that COSGA was much more than just a field trip.


“I made many lasting relationships from COSGA but one in particular,” East said. “I still skype a friend from New Jersey that I met two years ago and we are still very close friends because of the event.”


East said Tech’s SGA involvement in these types of conferences earns our university recognition on various levels.


It can benefit the students in SGA but also students who are not simply for the fact that people notice how well-rounded our school is becoming, she said.


“The SGA runs all student activities that happen at Tech and the forthcoming of the spring quarter brings a large schedule to our plate,” East said.


This quarter has Big Event, which is one of Tech’s most recognized events throughout the community, she said.


East said, the new ideas brought back from COSGA gave way to new thoughts and opportunities for the people of Ruston to see what all is going on in the SGA offices.


“It is an opportunity for people to see how hard these members work and how much they truly care about their university,” East said


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