SGA explores vending machine options

October 16, 2011
Photo by Kyle Kight

In the basement of Bogard Hall are two vending machines. These machines do not contain the usual tasty morsels. Instead, they drop engineering supplies, ranging from wire to safety glasses. – Photo by Kyle Kight

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At a recent state student government meeting, SGA President Clint Carlisle got the idea of getting school supply vending machines for the Tech campus.


What at first seemed to be a far-off possibility, the SGA is now seriously looking at purchasing


some of the machines for students, according to a Senate report at Tuesday night’s meeting.


“Apparently more schools have these vending machines than I thought,” Carlisle said. “It was just an idea we got at the Council of Student Body Presidents at ULL.”


This past year, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s SGA pitched the idea of providing these vending machines for students’ use.


After getting support and funding from the president’s office at ULL, the university orderedthree vending machines to place in various places on their campus.


“We originally felt there was a need to get one since our bookstore is located in the Student Union, which is not always very convenient for students to get to,” said Sarah Tronet, vice president of ULL’s SGA. “The vending machines were a really good purchase for our university.”


The vending machines, which Tronet said would arrive at their school in the next few weeks, will be stocked with notebooks, inexpensive calculators, pens, pencils and other supplies.


“We are going to place a vending machine in the library, one in the fitness facility and then another in one of the dorms,” Tronet said.


The vending machines that ULL ordered will be wrapped in pictures by the ULL bookstore and marketing departments of the campus to personalize them.


“It would be a really good idea,” said Cody Pennington, a freshman marketing major. “You wouldn’t have to go all the way across campus to get school supplies.”


Pennington said Tech’s campus should have them in all departments.


“They would probably be broke or out of stock a lot though, like the usual vending machine is,” he said.


In the basement of Bogard Hall, the main engineering building on campus, there are vending machines selling parts and supplies for students specific to engineering.


“We started the vending machines around a year and a half ago,” said David Hall, a professor of mechanical engineering. “Students are always needing things for class, and if it is after hours then it can be hard to get it to.”


The machines that Hall found were old food vendors found were old food vendors that could be transformed to sell wire, resistors and other parts that engineering students use.


“It is a really easy way to distribute these materials,” Hall said. “Students like having it there in case they need to use it.”


Nicole Delong said she feels that having school supply vendors will help make it easier for students on campus as well.


“If they took Tech Express it would be an awesome thing,” said Delong, a senior elementary education major. “They would be pretty convenient to have on campus.”


Allison East, SGA sophomore class president, has been researching getting the machines for the campus.


“I went through the old UNO [University of New Orleans] bills,” said East in reference to finding how much they would cost for the university.


East said that in her findings she found that they would be around $6,000 dollars to purchase.


As to when the SGA might look to actually purchase vending machines remains unknown.


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  1. Preston Johnson Reply

    October 17, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    This is a great idea and I’m sure it will be very helpful to students. But I have one problem, the proposed locations. All of the places except for the library make no sense. If you are going to have emergency school supply machines, put them where students will be able to get to them in a hurry. Maybe consider putting one in GTM, Tolliver or the student center, and possibly Carson-Taylor. These locations would be easy to get to are in places that see the highest volume of students.

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