SGA elects six supreme court justices

December 20, 2012


Staff Reporter


Watched by a room full of peers, candidates for the Student Government Association’s Supreme Court stepped up to the plate to secure positions as a justices.


After introducing themselves at SGA’s Dec. 11 meeting, each describing why they would be a great choice for justices on the Supreme Court, six out of seven applicants were appointed as new justices.


Hannah Schilling, Kelsy Kershaw, Addie Martin and Gerard Babin were the four out of the seven applicants who spoke at the meeting.


The duty of a Supreme Court Justice is to interpret the constitution and bylaws.


In addition, the court deals with impeachments, approving or disapproving them before they go to the senate for final vote and hear any cases, mostly with elections and candidates who have trouble.


“Although I haven’t met them personally yet, from what they’ve displayed during their speeches, I like them,” Chief Justice Latrice Crawford, a senior political science major, said.


Jeff Boudreaux, a senior accounting major, said he is glad the seats are finally filled because SGA has gone a month without the Supreme Court.


“We were kind of at a stand still, without members they couldn’t meet quorum, ” Boudreaux said.


Marley Jackson, a sophomore chemical engineering major, was re-elected to the SGA Supreme Court, said she applied for the position because her roommate, Hannah Howe, a member of the SGA’s Supreme Court, persuaded her to join, as well as her desire to be more involved on campus.


“As a justice I hope to make good decisions for our campus by being open minded and meet new people,” Jackson said.


Jackson said she agrees with the previous Supreme Court’s decision to not allow SGA members to promote election candidates on Facebook.


“I think if they allowed Facebook promoting of candidates it will create for favoritism,” Jackson said. “For example, a freshman may like a candidate because of something she saw on Facebook from a friend’s post instead of getting to know the candidate and what he or she stands for.”


Although Jackson is familiar with the position of an SGA’s Supreme Court Justice, newly elected justices like Gerard Babin are just getting acquainted.


Babin, a sophomore professional aviation major, said he decided to apply for a position after his fraternity, Zeta Chi, worked with SGA members during last year’s Big Event.


“I wanted to join because I wanted to help make a difference on campus, to look for ways to improve and to keep change current without forcing it on the student body,” Babin said.


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