SGA attempts to amend constitution

April 11, 2013


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Leadership and change go hand-in-hand when progress and growth are needed, and the Student Government Association has taken necessary steps to try to ensure successful growth for Tech and its students.


On April 2, SGA made a few revisions to the constitutional amendments submitted by various members.


The major changes to the amendments added more requirements for ex-officio members, removed class president positions, changed representation to one senator per 800 students instead of 500 students, and raised a few GPA requirements, said Allison East, SGA vice president.


The changes made were to assign the SGA senators to larger groups to make their jobs more reasonable.


The new GPA requirements were changed from a cumulative 2.7 to a cumulative 3.0.



“If the requirements are not met, then that member will be immediately and permanently removed from office,” East said.


East said the changes were basic, but will benefit the student body.


“The constitutional amendments will benefit the student body by increasing the efficiency of SGA,” East said. “Right now we spend so much time posting vacancies and trying to fill them that it takes the focus off of what we are here to do.


“The changes were not meant to make anyone’s duties any more difficult,” East said.


East also said the senators will not necessarily have to work any harder due to the changes that were made.


“The senators having to work harder will not be a problem,” East said. “We do not have a quota they have to fill with bills and resolutions, so on that side, no.”


East said she does believe if the senators do not give all of their effort it will show because of the change in size of the groups they will represent.


“I believe at the same time if they are not working hard, it will be much more noticeable in a smaller group,” East said. “They will have to make sure they are working as hard as possible.”


Other members of SGA said they agreed the revised amendments would help bring SGA back to strictly helping students.


Catherine Champ, a junior business management major, said she feels the revisions were a positive step forward for SGA.


“I feel the revised amendments were overall a very positive thing,” Champ said. “It brought all of our senate back to the main reason we serve on SGA, and that is to serve the student body to the best of our abilities.”


Champ also said she feels the newer members gained a great amount of knowledge about how the senate works.


“I believe that many of our senators, especially the newer students, learned a lot about the body of our senate and about certain senate seats such as the ex-officio seats,” Champ said. “I also feel they learned how important our Constitution is and how essential it is to know and understand it.”


Champ said it affects what they are able to do for the student body. Champ also said she feels all in all it will be good for Tech to revise those amendments that needed to be changed.


“Overall, I feel it will affect both the senate and the student body positively concerning unity and understanding in the senate,” Champ said. “It will provide a clearer focus on our roles concerning the student body.”


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