SGA approves nine new appointments

December 13, 2012

Staff Reporter


The Student Government Association Senate approved nine new appointments made by President Will Dearmon to serve the student body at the Dec. 4 meeting. The appointments included two executive positions and seven legislative positions.


Jeff Boudreaux, a senior accounting major selected to fill the office of executive treasurer, was the first appointee introduced.


Dearmon said he appointed Boudreaux to fill the position because of Boudreaux’s academic background in accounting and his experience with Union Board as treasurer.


“I applied for this position because of the duties it entails,” Boudreaux said. “I am an accounting major, so I have a lot of background in budgeting.”


Boudreaux said he is excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to get started.


“I want to help the whole executive branch with anything else that comes up because the past quarter they had to fill four positions with three people,” he said.


Boudreaux said because the other three executive members had to do all four positions, they had less time to do their individual jobs.


Boudreaux said as treasurer of SGA he would like to start by creating a finance committee and integrating SGA’s budget and budget report for greater member awareness and committee.


The senate also approved Emmanuel Umejesi, an industrial engineering graduate student, who was appointed by Dearmon to fill the position of graduate school senator. Umejesi said he is looking forward to making standing contributions to the university in order to help the growth of research at Tech.


“Research is one thing that improves a university’s ranking,” he said. “Tech is known for research, and that is good for any student at Tech. Employers want students from good research universities.”


The senate then approved Ephraim Fields, a junior architectural studies major, and Leo Gourrier, a senior computer science major, as co-heads of the department of technology. Fields was appointed to the position last spring; however, the senate did not approve of him after being appointed by Dearmon and was selected back to the position this quarter.


“My co-head, Leo, and I are looking forward to a lot of new improvements and a new site revamp that will be premiered in the next quarter,” Fields said.


Fields and Gourrier presented the new website ideas to all SGA members at the meeting.


“We’ve been working on this since the beginning of the year,” Fields said. “SGA is very excited about the presentation of the site.”


The senators appointed and approved for the College of Engineering and Science were Matthew Tarver, a senior mechanical engineering major, and Breion Thomas, a sophomore industrial engineering major.


“I’ll be very excited to learn all the jargon they use and learn how to use the motions,” Thomas said. “I would like to get more recycling bins throughout the campus to help students recycle the many materials they use.”


Others appointments made by Dearmon and approved by the senate were Molly Bowman, a senior journalism major, and Evan Thibodeaux, a senior mechanical engineering major, as senior class senators and Kaitlyn Gallegos, a junior marketing major, as a College of Business Senator.


The new senators took part in their first meeting this week when they decided whether or not to select new supreme court justices for SGA.


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