See you later

May 16, 2014



Kaleb Causey

My time at The Tech Talk and Louisiana Tech is up. Just like that, four years have passed me by. Now I take the step into the “real world,” a statement I have always resented.

As I think back on my college days and what made them amazing, I am reminded of people, not places or events.

I have always alleged that the people are what make Tech great, not the campus, events or classes.

People like Dr. Reginald Owens, Dr. Judith Roberts, Scott Boatright and Michael LeBlanc in the journalism department have made this experience phenomenal for me. They have pushed me when I needed it and been a friend when I have needed it. I know without a doubt that I can call them at any point in my life and they will be there to help.

Dr. Jason Pigg and Dr. Jeremy Mhire in the political science department have always pushed me to think outside the box and not to believe in something just because other people do. Their classes have always left me wanting more, and that is what makes them both amazing professors.

Another professor that made a difference for me was Dr. Celia Lewis in the English department. She took notice of my writing abilities and helped me refine them throughout her British literature class.

Without these people, I do not know that I would have survived Tech.

The Tech Talk will always hold a special place in my heart. It has been a place for me to gain real experience in running a newspaper and make a few mistakes here and there in the learning process (such as saying the Vikings were from Wisconsin two weeks ago in my column. Sorry Packers.)

I have always viewed my weekly column as a place to talk about serious things that I felt our readers should know about. The positive feedback I have gotten from readers over the past two quarters has shown me that my time here was appreciated.

There were plenty before me who were greater journalists than I am, and there will be plenty after me. As long as one of you enjoyed my work, it was worth all of it.

My time here is not done; it is only just beginning. I love this university and always will.
This is not goodbye, Louisiana Tech. This is see you later.

Kaleb Causey is a senior journalism and political science major from Jonesboro who serves as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk. Email comments to ktc013@latech.edu.


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