Schröder honored as distinguished teacher

March 27, 2014


Bernd Schröder clarifies a problem for David Berry, a freshmen civil engineering major, after a class. –Photo by Ellie Moslander

Bernd Schröder clarifies a problem for David Berry, a freshmen civil engineering major, after a class. –Photo by Ellie Moslander

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While acknowledging that mathematics may not be everyone’s favorite subject, Bernd Schröder really enjoys seeing people understand the concepts.


Schröder is the director and program chair for the department of mathematics and statistics. For his efforts, he recently received the 2014 Mathematical Association of America Louisiana/Mississippi section award for distinguished teaching.


“I try to make the class entertaining, as well as rigorous, which is an interesting balance to maintain,” Schröder said. “It’s a lot of fun to see when the lights turn on.”


Schröder said he has always had a passion for mathematics and wants to share this with students.


“This wouldn’t have been possible without the patience of my family,” Schröder said. “It was very nice, very gratifying to win this award.”


Students like Jonathan Walters see Schröder as an inspiring and hardworking professor with a unique presentation style, who is known to present his lectures from memory.


“He is definitely a hard worker and puts a lot of time into his work,” said Walters, a graduate student majoring in computational analysis and modeling. “It shows in his lectures.”


In addition to teaching, other criteria judged for this award were grants received, projects directed and the impact made on people beyond the campus, said Jenna Carpenter, associate dean for undergraduate studies in the College of Engineering and Science.


“It certainly recognizes all the great things that are going on here,” she said. “It shows the outstanding curricula we have and a lot of activities we have for students to engage in, learn, grow and develop.”


Schröder has been teaching at Tech for 17 years. During that time, he has participated in and organized many curricular projects on campus. Some of his projects included the integrated engineering curriculum and introducing the first online calculus class at Tech.


“His understanding of mathematics helps him make the connection which helps students see how their learning is going to be used,” Carpenter said.


She said the award will help prospective students know that Tech is a great place to go to school with outstanding faculty.


“He is very deserving,” Carpenter said. “We are very pleased to have him win the award.”


As a winner of the award, next year Schröder will automatically be considered for the national Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.


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