School of Communication undergoes minor face lift

July 13, 2017




Tiffany Wilkins
Staff Reporter | tmw048@latech.edu


Besides the new physical changes that are taking place around Louisiana Tech’s campus, there are some changes going on with certain departments’ curriculums.


Both Communication Studies, Journalism and communications concentrations received a face lift in their curriculums.


Amy Carwile, an assistant professor in the communication department, said she has seen a positive outcome with students accepting the new curriculum plan and a better reaction to accepting the time they will have to graduate with the new plan.


“As advisers, each of the faculty members discussed the advantages of the new plan versus the old plan with their advisees during advising sessions for fall 2017,” Carwile said. “We have so many new courses that I think will be exciting ones for students.”


This change has been well thought of and will benefit students more than the previous curriculum. Carwile said this plan has been approved by IPC and will benefit incoming and current students. However, students close to graduation will most likely remain on the old curriculum plan.


“In general, if a student has only one quarter left to completion, it is not beneficial for him/her to opt to go with the new plan,” Carwile said. “There are exceptions, of course.”


Carwile said for the students who have a minor or potentially two minors, it would be more profitable for them to go by the new plan. New courses like Social Media Strategies and Introduction to Mass Media, which will be taught by assistant professor Judith Roberts, are added onto the new curriculum’s list of new courses for the upcoming year.


“I am really excited about the new options available to students, and personally, for me to teach,” Roberts said. “While I am looking forward to the courses, I think students will enjoy them as well.”


With the newest plan holding more electives within the communication major, the courses will make learning even more exciting and hands-on than ever.


“Overall, I think the changes are going to be very beneficial to our students,” Roberts said.


Some of her colleagues like Scott Boatright, who is the Lagniappe adviser as well as a journalism instructor, will be teaching a new course such as sportswriting.


Boatright said he is eager for the fall quarter’s newest classes, like his sports writing class, to take place and to see how students will cooperate.


“You have several new classes — sports writing, small group communication and so much more,” he said.


Boatright said this change may have sounded easy, but it took a lot of work on Professor Carwile’s end.


“Dr. Carwile and her assistant have done the heavy lifting to get it together,” Boatright said.


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