Scandalous costumes

October 31, 2013


Entertainment Editor




The other day, while browsing Yahoo news, I came across an article about the worst sexy costumes.


Every time I walk into a costume shop, the ladies’ section of costumes are mostly labeled as “sexy.”


Oddly, it easily resembles the lingerie section of a department store fishnets and corsets.


Since when did the term “sexy” become part of Halloween, and when did showing it all become okay?


According to halloweenhistory.org, Halloween derived from the Celtic festival, Samhain, which is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture.


The ancient Gaels believed that on Oct. 31 the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped, and the deceased would come back to life, causing sickness or damaging crops.


Halloween is a festival signifying the coming of the dark winter, not a time to be something you are not.


Costumes, actually, originally mocked the returning spirits, whom I am sure were not focused on showing off their summer-tanned legs.


The meaning of Halloween is masked by the senseless, inappropriate costumes, and the holiday itself has simply become another reason to party.


We still carry on the jack-o-lantern carving and trick-or-treating, but let’s be real, doing those things half naked are not part of the tradition.


Scandalous costumes have come with today’s culture, but it is simply belittling to women.


Maybe women dress this way because Halloween is their one chance to be older or younger, and the less clothing they wear the closer to that age they feel.


Or maybe they really are trying to show off their inner sexiness.


Whatever the reason, the bra-tops and booty-skirts need to stay in the bedroom; plus it is too cold to wear those things.


So ladies, be smart about that outfit before going out tonight, let’s cover up instead of freezing to death in out-little costumes.


Addie Martin is a junior journalism and English major from West Monroe who serves as entertainment editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to alm085@latech.edu.



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